4 Awesome Healthcare Careers to earn in 8 Months or Less

4 Awesome Healthcare Careers to earn in 8 Months or Less

Mar 18, 2021 | Healthcare

4 Awesome Healthcare Careers to earn in 8 Months or Less

Healthcare careers are always in demand in Canada, with an aging population, in addition to an increasingly health-conscious society, is putting a strain on the healthcare system. In 8 months or less, you could be working in an exciting career.

Here is the list of the short term job oriented courses in Canada

Medical Laboratory Technician ( 37 Weeks Diploma Program)

A Medical Laboratory Technician plays an important role in the healthcare system, although often behind the scenes. Responsible for the collection and analysis of blood, tissues and other specimen samples, a Medical Laboratory Technician is integral in the diagnosis, monitoring as well as treatment of disease.

Among top healthcare careers, Medical Laboratory Technicians are in-demand in medical laboratories in hospitals, clinics, and research facilities across Canada. On average, Medical Laboratory Technicians in Ontario earn $22.40/ hour.

To launch yourself into this career, get started at BizTech College! Our 31-week diploma program includes clinical placement and preparation for the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists (OSMT) licensing exam.

Source: Job Bank Canada

Medical Office Administration (28 Weeks Diploma Program)

Often the first point of contact for patients, Medical Office Administration staff communicate directly with patients, families, medical laboratories and physicians. This ensures a streamlined care process.

Medical Office Administrators are responsible for scheduling and confirming appointments, in addition to formatting electronically based medical reports. Furthermore, medical office administrators interview patients in order to complete forms and case histories, completing insurance and other claim forms.

Medical Office Administrators may find employment in a wide variety of healthcare settings. For example, hospitals, doctor’s offices, walk-in clinics, nursing homes and much more. The average salary in Ontario is $22.00/hour.

In 28 weeks you can earn your Medical Office Administration diploma, launch your healthcare career! Students are taught essential interpersonal skills as well as the necessary medical application software, terminology in addition to the clinical procedures needed to succeed within any healthcare office setting. Students will pursue a clinical placement,  as a result of putting their classroom training to work in a real-world environment, learning from trained professionals.

Source: jobbank.gc.ca

Personal Support Worker (26 Weeks Certification Program)

Devoting your day to helping others with their daily tasks and providing assistance in whichever capacity they need is a rewarding career!

A Personal Support Worker not only provides care but companionship to patients and/or clients as they deal with the effects of aging, injury or illness. Therefore, a Personal Support Worker may aid in personal hygiene, plan and preparing meals, feeding as well as administering medication.

Personal Support Workers are in-demand in a number of roles, such as private home care workers, long-term care facility workers, and as a result, may find employment in nursing homes, group homes, hospitals, and other healthcare settings. The average salary for a Personal Support Worker in Ontario is $16.00/hour.

You can earn your personal support worker certificate in 26 weeks, and launch a rewarding career. As a result, you can make a direct impact on the lives of others. BizTech College students receive hands-on training supervised by trained professionals to master their skills.

Source: jobbank.gc.ca

ECG and Phlebotomy (55 Hour Certificate Training)

ECG and phlebotomy training make a great addition to any healthcare resume. By adding two unique, and in-demand skills to your resume, you become a versatile, more employable candidate for any healthcare position.

This training, which can be completed in 50 hours, gives you the competitive edge you need to get the job you’ve always wanted

BizTech College’s expert instructors are backed by years of industry experience, and therefore passionate about helping students succeed! With the high demand for trained healthcare professionals and a team of instructors ready to provide the support you need to succeed, now is the perfect time to launch your career in healthcare!

Contact admission counselor today to get started, and launch your career in 8 months or less!

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