An innovative, easy-to-use virtual mental health support.

BizTech College has partnered with keep.meSAFE to provide our students with a free Mental Wellness Student Support Program (SSP).

Get Started in a few minutes:

  • Download the mySSP App from either Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Complete your personal profile and select the language.
  • Enable important app notifications to stay updated about appointments and support.

Key Features of the Platform

Licensed Counsellors

Master’s level counsellors experienced in supporting domestic and international students.

Multilingual Support

You will have access to a counsellor who understands your culture and speaks in your preferred language.


24/7 Support

keep.meSAFE offers 24/7 support through chat and telephone

Confidential & Secure

This service is confidential within the limits of the law and no personal information will be divulged to anyone.

Completely Free Service

keep.meSAFE is a free service provided by an advisor over the phone or online in your time of need.

Ongoing Support

Apart from immediate support, keep.meSAFE offers outcome-based success measures to report on your progress.

For more information, please visit: https://www.keepmesafe.org/
If you require immediate assistance in a crisis, please call 911.

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