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Paramedic student performing lab scenario

Primary Care Paramedic

Working in a fast-paced environment, primary care paramedics play a vital role in the healthcare system. Using critical thinking and fast decision making skills, paramedics provide emergency, pre-hospital care to anyone, in any medical emergency. PRIMARY CARE PARAMEDIC SCHOOL IN GTA It sounds exciting, however, to become a paramedic, one has

Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist

Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist

Cardiovascular sonography technologists, also referred to as cardiac sonographers or cardiac ultrasound technicians, help physicians diagnose cardiac as well as peripheral vascular ailments inpatient using diagnostic imaging technology. Cardiovascular technologists work in a variety of healthcare settings and generally practice medical and technical duties under the invasive or non-invasive cardiology. 

Ultrasound Technician

Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Generalist

Diagnostic medical sonography, also known as diagnostic imaging or ultrasound, is rapidly changing technology and demand for well-trained professionals are always in demand. Diagnostic medical sonographers use special imaging equipment sending high frequency sound waves to produce images of internal body tissues. They assist physicians diagnose wide range of internal health issues and monitor pregnancy. 

Lab technician analysing samples on microscope

Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical Lab Technician School for aspiring professionals Physicians often rely on an inside look into the human body in order to make a clear, accurate diagnosis. As a Medical Laboratory Technician, you can provide the missing piece in the diagnosis process bringing clinical answers from the medical lab. Consequently, a

nursing staff performing CPR on dummy

Advanced Nursing Principles

Working in nearly every medical setting, nurses play a vital role in the healthcare system. In addition to assessing patients, administering medications and treatments, registered nurses educate patients and families about various illnesses or ailments. Advanced Nursing Principles program and NCLEX Prep Course help Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) and residents

Medical Office Administration

Medical Office Administration

As you answer the phone, you hear a distressed parent on the other end. Given that their child has been suffering from inner ear pain, they need to make an appointment with the doctor. As a Medical Office Administrator (MOA), you calmly communicate with the parent, coupled with collecting the

personal support worker

Personal Support Worker (PSW)

Personal Support Workers wake up every day with the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. PSWs play an important role in the healthcare system, making a direct, meaningful impact on the lives of patients. A promising start in healthcare profession, PSWs assist elderly, expectant/nursing mothers,

Professional performing ECG

ECG Certification Training

Whether you are looking to start your healthcare career, or increase your marketability, ECG certification is a promising addition to your resume. ECG certified professionals work in a variety of healthcare settings- hospitals, laboratories or cardiologist offices. BizTech College’s ECG certification program offers hands-on training and in-depth knowledge of the

phlebotomy certification

Phlebotomy Certification Training

If you have donated blood or have medical tests done, you have met a phlebotomist. With the increasing demand for certified professionals in the healthcare industry, Phlebotomy certification will help you kick-start your career in the medical field.