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Cloud computing has changed how businesses work. One of the most in-demand skills in IT, cloud engineer is needed in nearly every business setting.    

BizTech College’s Cloud engineer diploma presents a unique opportunity to gain one of the most globally in-demand skill sets. Project-based learning, along with industry certification preparation, gives our students the confidence to enter the workforce confidently.   

Students gain extensive knowledge in various cloud models: Laas, Paas and Saas. The diploma focuses on principles of cloud virtualization, cloud storage, data management and security. Apart from the critical understanding of client devices and serves, you will learn to develop scalable applications using AWS features.



Preparation for Industry Certifications

Placement Assistance

Life-long Career Support

Project-based Learning

Cloud Engineer Diploma at BizTech College

Our graduates gain an in-depth knowledge of:  

  • Cloud computing and related Technologies  
  • How to work on various cloud service models including LaaS, PaaS, SaaS  
  • Configure Virtual Networks, including planning, IP addressing, Azure DNS, and Network Security Groups.  
  • Implement the Azure Active Directory. Cloud Computing security to protect virtualized IP Data, applications, services and associated infrastructure.   
  • Advanced network services required for deployment, management, and maintenance of cloud server infrastructure.  
  • Application deployment using cloud platforms.

Our career services focus on verbal and written communication and presentation skills to help you succeed in versatile business settings: resume building, LinkedIn profile enhancement, and job search tips as and when required.

Students looking to enroll in the Computer Systems Technology program must first meet the following prerequisites:   

      • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent OR   
      • Mature Student Status (18 years of age or older) AND   
      • Successful completion of Entry Assessment Test

Be job-ready for a globally in-demand IT Career!

Cloud computing is growing at a fast pace. IT giants Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services has shown a massive gain in dollar terms. It is in every aspect of the business, thus opening a variety of roles and designations.

Career Opportunities

The role of cloud engineer encompasses several different specialities such as cloud architect and cloud systems engineer. It is a diverse field and employers seek candidates with overall know-how and specialization in one domain.  

  • Cloud Architect   
  • Cloud Administrator   
  • Database Administrator  
  • Full-Stack Engineer.   
  • DevOps Engineer  
  • Network Architect – Cloud  
  • System architect- Cloud

Cloud engineers fit into a variety of roles. Let’s have a look at the pay for various positions:  

For detailed job outlook, trend analysis and requirements for the cloud engineer related jobs, please visit the Government of Canada Job Bank.  

Qualities Employers Seek

As a cloud engineer, it is essential to have working experience with at least one of the three major cloud providers: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.  

  • You need to be familiar with the basic concepts of software development, networking, security, and databases.  
  • Apart from hard skills, cloud engineers should possess traditional soft skills – communication and analytical skills and strategic planning for success. Cloud engineers should be highly organized, self-motivated and detail-oriented.  

Biztalk – 7 Key Skills for a Successful Cloud Computing Career  

Cloud Certification Preparation


Cloud Engineer

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Cloud Engineer

CompTIA Cloud+

Cloud Engineer


Cloud Engineer

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

Cloud Engineer

Certified Cloud Security Professional

Cloud Engineer

Google Cloud Certified

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