The face of healthcare

Medical Office Administration

As you answer the phone, you hear a distressed parent on the other end. Given that their child has been suffering from inner ear pain, they need to make an appointment with the doctor. As a Medical Office Administrator (MOA), you calmly communicate with the parent, coupled with collecting the necessary information to book an appointment. In addition to booking the appointment, you reassure the parent their child will be happy and healthy again in no time.

MOA professionals are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of a medical office. As well as ensuring the clear, efficient communication between patients, physicians and other medical professionals.

Get Trained in all Areas of Medical Office Administration

  • Prepare yourself with hands-on training to manage any medical office.
  • Equip yourself with medical office software training, including OHIP billing.
  • Learn excellent organizational and interpersonal communication skills.

Program Details

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  • Program Duration

28 Weeks

730 Hours

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Your Career

Medical Office Administration courses in Brampton

As a result of increasing demands on the healthcare system, its is estimated 17,200 medical office administration jobs will open up across Canada,now through 2024.

Subsequently, BizTech College’s Medical Office Administration course prepares you to qualify for one or more of the following roles:

  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Hospital Medical Receptionist
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • OHIP, W.S.I.B and Insurance Billing Specialist
  • Care Plan Coordinator
  • Medical Collector
  • Medical Staff Services
  • Patient Account Representative


A well-managed, organized medical or clinical office is a vital aspect of providing high quality healthcare services, for this reason medical office administrators are in-demand employees.  Often a patient’s first point of contact, office administration professionals are subsequently responsible for clear communication, both with patients, physicians and other medical staff.

Duties and Responsibilities

BizTech College’s Medical Office Administration course will prepare you to perform some or all of the following duties upon graduation:

  • Scheduling and confirming appointments, as well as receiving and communicating messages for medical staff and patients
  • Entering and formatting electronically based medical reports and correspondence in addition to preparing spreadsheets and documents for review
  • Interviewing patients in order to complete forms, documents as well as case histories
    Complete insurance as well as other claims forms
  • Initiating and maintaining confidential medical files and records
  • Preparing draft agendas for meetings; taking, transcribing and distributing minutes
  • Prepare billing
  • Establishing and maintaining various internal office administrative support procedures, such as document tracking, filing and monthly reporting
  • Ordering supplies and maintaining inventory
  • Determining and establishing office procedures and routines
  • May supervise and train other staff in procedures and use of current software


After successful completion of BizTech College’s medical office administration (MOA) course you will have gained the expertise and proficiency required to confidently carry out a variety of medical office administration job duties. The strong skill set you gain here will qualify you to successfully manage any medical office, within both the private and public sectors.

Learning Outcomes

  • In-Depth Preparation for flexible medical office administration job opportunities.   
  • Versatile skill-set for success in a variety of medical office administration settings.
  • Comprehensive curriculum, focused on both the technical as well as the soft skills needed to succeed.

Throughout the duration of BizTech College’s Medical Office Administration program you will gain an in-depth knowledge and competitive skill-set in the following areas:

  • Use and implementation of medical application software
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Standard medical office procedures
  • Clinical procedures
  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Medical transcription
  • OHIP billing
  • First aid and CPR (Level “C”)

Clinical Placement

During your medical office administration program you will have the opportunity to work with qualified medical office professionals, therefore gaining hands-on experience in a real-world, clinical setting. As a result, your placement will help you master course material and make connections with potential employers.

Providing a smooth transition into the workforce, a clinical placement is a critical part of your Medical Office Administration training. As a result, you gain confidence, as you work in a fast-paced, urban setting.

Students looking to enroll in our Medical Office Administration program must first meet the following pre-requisites:

  • High school diploma or equivalent OR
  • Mature students status (18 years old and over)
  • Successful completion of the Wonderlic test
  • Clean criminal record and vulnerable sector screening check
  • Immunization record as per the program requirement