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Program Overview

Diagnostic medical sonography, also known as diagnostic imaging or ultrasound, is rapidly changing technology and demand for well-trained professionals are always in demand.  

Our Accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is aligned with the National Competency Profiles (NCP) Generalist. Practical training help students master examination techniques, and Clinical Readiness Program™ lays emphasis on clinical skills making graduates highly employable.  

The program has been designed by subject specialists allocating enough hours to both didactic and practical components of the study. You will develop proficiency in Abdominal, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Vascular and Musculoskeletal Sonography.



Certification Exam Eligibility in both Canada & USA

Unique Clinical Readiness Program

Guaranteed Clinical Placements

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Diploma at BizTech College  

Our graduates gain an in-depth knowledge of the subject and learn how to:  

  • Perform ultrasound procedures in an efficient and timely manner.  
  • Record correct medical history, correctly perform ultrasound examination and document findings using correct medical terminology and standard abbreviations. Apply the principles of ultrasound physics and instrumentation be able to achieve high quality and diagnostically helpful ultrasound study.  
  • Apply the principles of ultrasound physics and instrumentation be able to achieve high quality and diagnostically helpful ultrasound study.  
  • Evaluate images for normal and abnormal findings by integrating knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology and prepare sonographer impression and report for submission to the interpreting physician.  
  • Apply proper body mechanics and practice ergonomic techniques to ensure self and patient’s physical safety.  
  • Establish effective, efficient and meaningful verbal and non-verbal communication with the patient, patient’s relatives and health care team members.  
  • Apply appropriate critical thinking techniques in understanding and solving complex, unusual and exceptional problems/situations.  
  • Furnish safe, complacent and dignified environment to the patient in line with standards of practice and guidelines provided by professional and regulatory bodies like Sonography Canada and CMRITO.  
  • Rigorously implement profession required infection control measures to protect self, the patient and coworkers against contagious disease processes.

Clinical placement is a critical part of your sonography program. As a BizTech College student, you are guaranteed hands-on, situational training, supervised by qualified sonography professionals, in a real-world, clinical setting.  

Our partnerships with local clinics provide you with the opportunity to work alongside highly skilled professionals in a fast-paced, urban environment. During your internship, you will have the opportunity to foster meaningful connections with potential employers, which can serve you well as you search for ultrasound technician jobs upon graduation.   

Competencies are based on the National Competency Profile 6.1 by Sonography Canada. 

Reflecting the rules and regulations set out by professional organizations such as the Sonography Canada and CMRITO, our curriculum is designed to prepare you to take the following certification exam upon graduation.  

Graduates are also eligible to write exams with American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Our state-of-the-art labs simulate actual real-time clinical setting. Equipped with quality ultrasound systems coming from varied manufacturers to provide the students with an opportunity to learn and practice skills on different kinds of machines.  

  • The medical lab provides an opportunity for the students to learn and master competencies, such as establishing IV Starts and disposal of sharps and needles.   
  • Inventory of human models, mannequins and simulators which offer the opportunity to learn pathology protocols.  

Students looking to enroll in our Diagnostic Medical Sonography program must first meet the following prerequisites:   

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Equivalent OR   
  • Mature Student Status (18 Years of age or older)   


  • Successful Completion of Entry Assessment Test   
  • Successful Personal Interview.   

Additionally, students need to have the following before the start of the program:   

  • Clean criminal record and vulnerable sector screening checks   
  • Immunization record as per the program requirement

A Rewarding and Stable Career

The strong demand for professionals in this sector has a bright future, job security and good pay.

Career Opportunities

Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a regulated profession by the College of Medical Radiation and Imaging Technologists in Ontario (CMRITO).   

Job Bank Canada has given the 3 stars, the highest-ranking to the job outlook for medical sonographers. Employment growth will lead to new positions, and 6% of medical sonographers are self-employed.   

Upon completion of the program and relevant certifications, you may work under any of the following job titles:  

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (General)  
  • Clinical Application Specialist
  • Sonography Educator

According to Job Bank Canada, diagnostic medical sonographer’s salary is between $30.00/hr. And $45.96/hr. In Canada  

The average wage in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is $37/hr. For detailed trend analysis, wages and future prospects visit the Government of Canada Job Bank.

Qualities Employers Seek

Our ultimate goal is to help you be job-ready and succeed in the chosen profession. What qualities do employers seek in a good candidate:   

  • Ethical & Discrete  
  • Good Technical Know-how  
  • Detail Oriented  
  • Interpersonal Skills  
  • Adaptable & Flexible  
  • Open to Learning 

Cardiovascular Sonography or Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Which Career Suits You?  


“I’ve graduated and got a cardiovascular sonography diploma. I passed ARDMS exams with a score of ~ 99%. (SPI: 691/700 and AE: 689/700). Thanks to my instructors, who taught me from almost scratch. They have excellent, highly knowledgeable and supportive instructors, preceptors and administration staff.”

Ghassan O.

“I stumbled upon the Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist (CST) program, apart from being an exciting career, it also lets international professionals put previous experience to fair use. It is a rigorous, yet rewarding program. Seasoned instructors, exposure through placements and unique ‘clinical readiness program’ help graduates of BizTech College gain an edge, which definitely helps during recruitment.”

Anis F.

“I would say I have chosen a perfect diploma (Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist). Our instructors are highly qualified, dedicated, friendly and tend to address our problem on a one-to-one basis, especially while we are on hands-on training.”

Ashok K.

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