Why Recruiters Prefer Candidates With IT Certifications

Jul 26, 2019 | Technology

In the highly competitive technology sector, IT certifications on your resume play a vital role during the hiring process. Whether you are fresh out of a college or an experienced professional, strong credentials on a resume are a must.

Do IT certifications carry any value?

The question of whether certifications carry any value is a big one.

Experience vs certificates is a matter of constant debate. Many professionals believe that experience matters; others feel just as strongly that certifications are valuable in term of more money and career opportunities.

Many employers use it as a barometer for how good a newly hired employee will perform.  For some, it is the condition of employment, especially in third-party project management.

Certification holders can be extremely attractive to prospective employers for numerous reasons:


  • An IT certification proves that you’re professionally trained. Employers gain a reasonable level of assurance regarding the quality of skills and expertise you hold.
  • It offers defined goals and standards that what credential holder should be able to do. These certifications have set assessment criteria, which clearly explains how much practical experience candidate has.
  • Set the benchmark as to what technical skills candidate possess to meet the goals and quality standards.

Skill Upgradation with IT Certifications

  • These programs also benefit employees to cater to the skill gap. With technological developments and the rise of virtual teams, it is crucial to address the critical knowledge and skill gap quickly.
  • Many IT professionals pursue IT certifications to advance the career or get a better paying job. Resumes with latest certifications and experience in the field are bound to stand out from the rest.

Ongoing Training

  • Many programs require continuing education credits to maintain their credentials. Latest credentials on resume ensure employers that the skills of their employees meet the challenges of new and emerging technologies.

Most HR managers have clearly defined job descriptions coupled with targeted credentials which establish the hiring baselines. Click here for 15 Top Paying IT Certifications.

Because of the standards related to the quality of skills and knowledge, IT professionals with apt credentials are likely to be preferred by prospective employers.


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