Information Technology

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Information Technology

Be a job-ready and industry certified IT professional with hands-on training in the latest in-demand technologies.
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Computer Service Technician

In a technology-driven world, computer/laptops are the backbones of any business. Computer Service technicians play a vital role in maintaining computers and servers for businesses.  BizTech College’s Computer Service Technician

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Computer Systems Technology

Can you imagine a world without computer systems?  With technological advancements, the need for IT specialists is in demand more than ever. The objective of the Computer Systems Technology diploma

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System Administrator

Technology has become a way of life, and companies are conducting businesses over the web more than ever. Thus, the need for qualified system administrators or Sysadmin to maintain and

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Networking and Cyber Security

As more information passes through the internet, cyber-attacks are on the rise. For this reason, trained professionals are crucial in protecting data, in today’s cyber-centered world. Networking and Cyber Security

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Network System Engineer

Seamless, secure communication is essential for businesses. Network System Engineer ensures the smooth functioning of the network within the organization. As a network system engineer graduate from BizTech College, you

Cloud Computing

Cloud Engineer

Cloud computing has changed the way we conduct business. The on-demand delivery of database, storage, applications, and other IT resources is less time consuming and cost-effective.  It gives you access

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Computer Network Technician

Every business depends on computer networks, and with rise in digital economy network technicians are in-demand more than ever. From setting up computer systems to maintaining a Local-area network, Computer

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Mobile Application Design Engineer

Mobile application have changed the way we shop, bank and communicate. As a Mobile Application Design Engineer, you will bring ideas to life. With projected revenues into the billions, the

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Computer Network Administrator

As the economy moves towards digital, businesses rely heavily on computers and networks for smooth operations. Network Administrator ensure day-to-day activities run effectively and add on to the business growth.