Planning a career in Cloud Computing in Toronto?

Jun 3, 2019 | Technology

Cloud computing is ranked number one hard skill required by employers by LinkedIn in 2018 and scope for next 5 years is brilliant. Although not a new term but cloud-based computing is bringing waves in almost every sector.

So, why most companies are moving their IT infrastructure to cloud-based environments? Simple answer- cut costs, use global talent, centralize software and have better cyber security.

What is Cloud Computing?

Simplified answer would be, storing data and running applications over the internet through your browser. Businesses are using it to offer customers a wide range of online services.

Three categories that most companies use includes:

  • “Infrastructure as a Service” also known as IaaS, that provides instant computing infra. Access resources needed to build out services and technologies delivered over the cloud.  Amazon, Rack space, Google and many others work on this pattern.
  • “Platform as a Service” also known as PaaS. It provides the framework to multiple developers to build custom software.
  • “Software as a Service” SaaS, is the most known of the three categories. It is actual software delivered to use over the internet. Easy to use and highly scalable, it has gained huge popularity. Some of the fine examples includes – Google Apps and Dropbox.

Before we go on to hottest skills in-demand and what kind of job opportunities cloud engineers have, let’s have a look at why Toronto offers huge scope in the field. 

In 2018, Bloomberg announced Toronto as the fastest growing tech hub in North America. In fact, Toronto created 28,900 tech jobs in 2017 going up 52% compared to 2016. More than Francisco Bay, Seattle and Washington, D.C. markets combined.

Well, we know it didn’t happen overnight, some of the major reasons Toronto emerged in tech includes:

  • The right mix of culture, education, diversity, and talent.
  • Quality education and dedication to deliver has led to better quality workforce.
  • Toronto attracts global talent, which in fact has helped major tech companies’ setup offices here.

So what is the scope of Cloud engineers in Toronto?

Let’s start with money, according to Payscale.com the average salary for specialists in this field can range anything from $75,311 to $102,867. Given that cloud computing is such a versatile filed, employers are looking for candidates with specialized skillset. And if you really want to put this to test, type cloud engineer jobs in any job search portal.

Hottest Technologies in Cloud Computing

One thing we all know is that technologies change rapidly, however cloud engineers fit in versatile roles.

  • Main aim of any company is reduce costs and increase efficiency. Virtualization Technology is one of the most significant ways to do that.
  • Data center design and cloud architects are in high demand. Why? Because Infrastructure and layout are key to the performance of any “cloud” data center.
  • Orchestration engines, bringing individually containerized components to work together on the networking level is the future.

Top Cloud Skills that will be in-demand 2019 onwards include:

  • Cloud Security
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Cloud Migration and Deployment within Multi-Cloud Environments
  • Server less Architecture

General Skills required in Cloud Computing includes:

  • Programming- Thanks to PaaS, cloud based development has huge scope. Thus, programming know-how is important aspect. Languages like Perl, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, .NET, and Java are the ones to know.
  • Database- Everything you do over the internet creates data. Watching Netflix, using health apps to monitor waling, shopping online; every click leads to data. So, companies need a way to store, manage, access, and interpret the data. Apart from SQL, database technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB, and MySQL is important as well.
  • Computer Systems – General knowledge of computer systems is strong skill to have. Understanding of operating systems, networking and storage will add on to the resume.
  • DevOps – A methodology that takes the entire software lifecycle into account including planning, use, and maintenance and is a must-know methodology. Microsoft Azure offers some amazing courses.
  • Security – Security is another important aspect to cloud, thus candidates with following certifications have huge scope:
      • Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge
      • Certified Cloud Security Professional
      • Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services
      • CompTIA Cloud+
      • Professional Cloud Security Manager

Important Cloud Platform Certifications include:

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure

 The major influence of Cloud-enabled business models will be on banking sector by 2020. According to iresearchservices; financial industry will include cloud technology to support customer needs and meet compliance and regulatory obligations. Which means, more job opportunities globally!

BizTech College’s diploma in Cloud Engineer offers both theoretical and practical know-how to start your career. Along with  latest industry certifications to be job-ready. To know more or enroll, click here.

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