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Placements at BizTech College

Gaining hands-on, real world experience is not only helpful to you as a student, as you master course material, but is extremely valuable to employers as well. At BizTech College you have the opportunity to graduate with a resume that’s already packed full of work experience.

Our programs prepare you for work placements, where you have the opportunity to work alongside highly qualified professionals who can help you perfect your skill-set, answer your questions and build your professional network before setting foot in the workforce.

100% Clinical Placements

Our Health Science program graduates have assured clinical placement in a variety of community and institutional settings: Care centers, labs, sonography clinics, etc. This work experience help students put theoretical knowledge into practice and gain valuable clinical hours.

Some of the places our graduates attend clinical placements:

  • Peel Regional Paramedic Services
  • Toronto Paramedic Services
  • Hamilton Paramedic Service
  • Lucan Diagnostic
  • CThrought 786 Diagnostic Inc.
  • West Mississauga Medical
  • Life Labs
  • Inception Biosciences Inc (Inception Life Bank)

Our graduates triumphing in a chosen career is testimony to our successful journey. Our students are now working at:

  • Doctors Urgent Care Center, Scarborough
  • Berrie Vascular Imaging, Berrie
  • Weinger Clinic, London
  • Sunny Brook Hospital, Toronto
  • My Health Clinic, Sudbury
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
  • TD Bank
  • Home Depot (Management)
  • Pat Supermarket (Accounting)

Career Services
Preparing your for a lifetime of success

At BizTech College you start your journey to successful job placement from day one. Our career counselor works with students to determine long-term career goals, collaboratively creating a clear path to your chosen career.

Profile Building – Resume & Cover Letter

Your resume should reflect your strengths, practical skills attained during the course and how you will add on to the success of any organization. BizTech offers individual counseling sessions to help guide you through the job search process. Our experts make sure you are familiar with advanced technologies use for resume scanning and use the right keywords that will take you ahead of the competition.

 Mock Interviews

By conducting mock interviews, our student advisors can ensure you are better prepared to meet with potential employers, and make meaningful connections. Our student advisors will work with you to practice proper interview etiquette and determine discussion points that will allow you to showcase your professional persona while also showing employers who you really are, and why you are the right candidate for the position.

 Job Search

The key to a successful job search is to understand ‘HOW’ to do it. You will be learning simple yet effective techniques for job search. Our placement coordinator assists students with the latest job openings in their field. In addition, our placement team explores the best opportunities for suiting your experience as a graduate.

 Workforce Preparation

While gaining career-focused skill-set, being able to conduct yourself as a professional is every bit as important as the abilities required to perform a job. At BizTech College, you are prepared with the soft and hard skills needed to succeed in a changing, challenging and competitive job market. In addition to landing a suitable job, we want you to grow as a professional.

 Life-long Career Support

As a BizTech College student, you are guaranteed life-long career support, no matter where you are in your career path! Our goal is to see you succeed in your chosen career, and we provide all the help you need when it comes to making your job-ready!

Moving to Canada is a big leap for working professionals and newcomers to Canada face challenges in finding the right start in the chosen career.

Some of the Common Challenges faced by Newcomers

  • No Canadian Education: Bitter truth but a fact that without relevant Canadian education, newcomers are not able to gain desired professional growth.
  • No Career: Many newcomers to Canada experience that their career has comparatively minimal scope in Canada and may have to choose an alternate path or compromise with minimum wage jobs.
  • No Canadian Work Experience: Canadian experience is the biggest plus point on any resume and newcomers face extreme difficulty in securing the relevant job.

If you are facing any such challenge, BizTech College will assist you in finding a much-required foothold.

Be Job-Ready with BizTech

Re-establishment in a new country is difficult and can be testing at times. BizTech College puts students first and focuses on job-readiness. Talk to our student advisor or visit us to see how we can assist you with:

  • Canadian Education: Our programs are in-sync with industry requirements. Recognized by the Ministry our programs will give you the right start to a fulfilling career.
  • Work Experience: Most of our programs include internships and clinical placements, thus giving you Canadian work experience before you graduate.
  • Funding options: BizTech College offers financial assistance to qualifying candidates.
  • Career Services: Our placement coordinator assist students with the best opportunities for suiting experience as a graduate. Additionally, BizTech offers life-long career support to its graduates.

BizTech Team supports its students all the way.