Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist

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Get Hands-on Training in Cardiovascular Sonography

You have just arrived at the hospital, ready to begin your shift.  You get a call from the emergency department. A patient has just come in, and the doctor suspects they have suffered an aneurysm. In these circumstances, sonography technologist will play a vital role in diagnosis process.

Able to work in a variety of healthcare settings, a Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist is responsible for using imaging technology to help physicians diagnose cardiac as well as peripheral ailments in patients.

  • Prepare yourself with hands-on training in order to play a critical role in the diagnosis process.
  • Equip yourself with Echocardiography and vascular modalities.
  • Learn how to take and read clear diagnostic images

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Your Career

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Due to the increasing demands on the healthcare system, it is estimated 23,200 new Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist jobs will open up across Canada, through 2024. For this reason, BizTech College’s sonography training program prepares you to become an in-demand healthcare employee.

Subsequently, BizTech College’s sonography training program prepares you to qualify for one or more of the following roles:

  • Echo Cardio Sonography Technologist
  • Vascular Sonography Technologist
  • Ultrasound Technician
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography Technologist
  • Sonography Education
  • Medical Researcher


Sonography is the use of high-frequency sound waves, also known as ultrasound, to observe the internal human body. Echocardiography, as well as, vascular technologies are branches of diagnostic medical sonography.

Duties and Responsibilities

Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist job duties include:

  • Operate ultrasound imaging equipment to produce images that require examination.
  • Monitor examination by viewing images on video screen, evaluate quality and consistency of diagnostic images, and make adjustments to equipment accordingly
  • Record, store and process scanned images by using a camera unit connected to ultrasound equipment.
  • Observe and care for patients throughout examinations to ensure patient safety as well as comfort.
  • Prepare examination reports for physicians to aid in the monitoring of pregnancies as well as the diagnosis of cardiac, abdominal, ophthalmic, vascular and other disorders.
  • Preform quality control checks on ultrasound equipment to ensure proper operation and perform minor repairs and adjustments are required.
  • May supervise and train students and other medical sonographers.

BizTech College’s Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist program includes the topics you would learn from echocardiography programs. You will gain both echocardiography and vascular modalities in one diploma. As one of the very few colleges in Ontario to offer a Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist program, BizTech College offers you the opportunity to gain a versatile skill-set to be ready for technologist jobs and exciting healthcare career in Canada.

Learning Outcomes

  • Valuable experience gained through clinical placement.
  • One-of-a-kind program covering both echocardiography and vascular competencies.
  • High importance given to basic sciences component including (but not limited to) anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology in addition to physical diagnosis.

Throughout the duration of BizTech College’s sonography training program you will gain an in-depth knowledge, as well as acompetitive skill-set in the following areas:

  • Perform and interrupt ultrasound procedures in primary or specialty healthcare services.
  • Cooperate effectively as part of a medical interdisciplinary team.
  • Assist patient diagnosis, based on their scientific and medical knowledge gained from the program
  • Understand the technology and instrumentation used to record and interpret imaging, patient protocols, communication and responsibility

Clinical Placement

As a BizTech College student you are guaranteed hands-on, situational training, supervised by qualified sonography professionals, in a real-world, clinical setting. Our partnerships with local clinics and hospitals provide you with the opportunity to work alongside highly qualified professionals in a fast-paced, urban setting.

Providing a smooth transition into the workforce, clinical placement is a critical part of your sonography program. During your placement, you will have the opportunity to foster meaningful connections with potential employers, which can serve you well as you search for ultrasound technician jobs upon graduation.

Competencies are based on the National Competency Profile 5.0 by Sonography Canada.

Students looking to enroll in our Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist program must first meet the following pre-requisites:

  • Mature students status (18 years old and over)
  • Ontario High School diploma, must have taken grade 12 level Biology, Mathematics and Physics
  • Clean criminal record and vulnerable sector screening checks
  • Complete immunization records as per the program requirement
  • Successful completion of the Wonderlic test

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