The 5 Best Careers for Newcomers to Canada

The 5 Best Careers for Newcomers to Canada

Oct 22, 2021 | Healthcare, BizTalk, Business, Technology

The 5 Best Careers for Newcomers to Canada

What are the most lucrative careers for Newcomers to Canada?

With a high standard of living and countless career opportunities, one can think of better life in the great white north. As Canada’s economy continues to prosper, newcomers to Canada choose to start a second career and gain professional advancement.

Here are 5 amazing careers for newcomers to Canada:

  1. Registered Nurse
    Regardless of the country you studied in, all registered nurses speak the same language; compassion.

    Consequently, nursing is an excellent career choice for newcomers to Canada who are internationally trained nurses. Further, the Canadian Government has declared a nationwide shortage for nurses, thus creating many career opportunities for those who have a desire to serve the community as a nurse.

    Internationally trained nurses have an excellent opportunity to continue a career they love. While pursuing nursing education in Canada, applicants can take short-term programs and continue as support workers and medical office assistants as well.

  2. Medical Sonographer
    Medical sonographers play a critical role in the diagnosis and monitoring of medical ailments, through the use of ultrasound. Newcomers to Canada, with a medical background, can smoothly transition into a second career as a medical sonographer.

    Cardiovascular technologists are particularly in demand in Canada, and newcomers to Canada may consider a career as a Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist. Learn more about a second career in cardiovascular sonography.

  3. Accountant
    One language that translates well, all around the world, is numbers. As a newcomer to Canada, your previous training in accounting or bookkeeping will serve you well as you search for a career.

    Accountants are needed in every industry. Taking a course that thoroughly covers the Canadian standards and regulations in regards to accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll administration can make your transition into a second career as an accountant much smoother.

  4. Computer Systems Information Manager
    In an increasingly digital world, organizations all over the world, including Canada, heavily rely on information technology to reach business goals.

    Computer systems information managers are needed to plan, deploy and manage information technology systems within the workplace. The need for trained IT professionals provides newcomers to Canada the opportunity to find employment within an exciting industry.

    Experience as a computer network administrator can help ease anyone into a second career. Coupled with industry certifications, a seasoned IT professional has a plethora of opportunities.

  5. Software Engineer
    The need for customized software and programs drives up the demand for software engineers and provides a career opportunity for newcomers to Canada.

    The IT industry in Canada is booming, globally mobile app design is driving the industry. A second career or continuing the career you love, software engineering is great for anyone who has a passion for programming. Unlike other industries, IT certifications gained will be acceptable globally.

Deciding to move to Canada ad start a new career can be unnerving. Newcomers to Canada can take comfort in their choice to move, knowing there are many career opportunities available. The first step towards continuing a career you love as a newcomer to Canada is the right education. Find out how BizTech College makes your transition into Canada as seamless as possible.

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