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Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and business is dependable on technology more than ever. Network administrators ensure smooth day-to-day IT operations of businesses.    

BizTech College’s computer network administrator diploma offers in-depth and practical knowledge. Students will learn the intricacies of operating systems, working with computer/server and network technologies.   

Apart from fundamental know-how, students get hands-on training on how to administer and manage computer systems, wireless networks, and server security that serve to empower users in creative, business and communication activities.



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Computer Network Administrator Diploma at BizTech College

BizTech College’s computer network administrator program will help you gain in-depth knowledge in the following areas:  

  • Installing, configuring, optimizing, upgrading, diagnosing, troubleshooting and performing preventative measures for network  
  • Performing network planning and configuration, network media and topologies, network management and network security  
  • Implementation of network infrastructure, in a small to medium-sized enterprise  
  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of Windows Servers Infrastructure  
  • Advanced configuration of network services required for the deployment, management, and maintenance of a Windows Server infrastructure  
  • Installing configuring and administering Microsoft Exchange Server

Our career services focus on verbal and written communication and presentation skills to help you succeed in versatile business settings: resume building, LinkedIn profile enhancement, and job search tips as and when required.

Students looking to enroll in the Computer Systems Technology program must first meet the following prerequisites:    

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent OR    
  • Mature Student Status (18 years of age or older) AND    
  • Successful completion of Entry Assessment Test 

Get ready for ever-changing IT sector!

Network Administrators primarily role is to maintain the company’s computer network by performing regular updates, monitoring network performance and ensuring the security

Career Opportunities

As a computer network administrator, you may qualify for specialized positions such as:  

  • Network Support Analyst  
  • Technical Support Analyst  
  • Network Technician  
  • Server Administrator  
  • Network Administrator

Computer network administrators and related technicians usually earn between $17.25/hour and $48.07/hour in Canada. The average wage in the Toronto Region is $32.00/hour.   

Network support analysts usually earn between $16.83/hour and $43.87/hour in Ontario.   

For detailed job outlook, trend analysis and requirements for related jobs, please visit the Government of Canada Job Bank. 

Qualities Employers Seek

The role of a network administrator has changed over the last several years. The company depends on a well-maintained network system, and employers seek candidates with the following attributes:  

  • Software Fluency: A successful network administrator should be proficient in software management.   
  • Adaptability: Technologies are evolving rapidly; Network Administrators must understand and learn how to inculcate new technologies in the system as per the requirements.  
  • Detail-oriented: One should be able to take notice of even the minutest of the details.   
  • Business Understanding: They should have the ability to implement creative solutions in the scope of technology to match business needs.  
  • Soft-Skills: Just like technical skills, soft-skills are an important part of the job.

Certification Preparation


Computer Network Administrator

CompTIA A+

Computer Network Administrator

CompTIA Network +

Computer Network Administrator

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Computer Network Administrator

Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA)

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