Mobile App Design Engineer

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52 Weeks

1300 Hours

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Gain Hands-on Experience with Mobile Application Development Platforms

Mobile applications have changed the way we shop, bank, communicate and carry out other common tasks. As an app designer you can be the one to change it all. Consequently, all you need is the skills of a mobile app design engineer to bring your ideas to life.

With projected revenues into the billions, the mobile app design industry is the unmitigated moving force on the business horizon!

Mobile app designers often have the duty of creating, maintaining and implementing the source code that makes up the application or program.

  • Prepare to actualize project integration and delivery.
  • Equip yourself with a variety of industry standard professional certifications.
  • Learn to program using multiple mobile application development platforms.

Your Career

Mobile App Designer programs in Canada

As a mobile app designer your responsibilities may vary based on your level of experience, the employer as well as the mobile application development platforms being used. Additionally, you may find yourself responsible for designing the application prototype, indicating program unit structure while also coordinating plans with the development team and or client.

Duties and Responsibilities

Mobile app designer engineer programs prepare you to become responsible for some, or all, of the following duties:

  • Configuring as well as, fine-tuning cloud infrastructure systems
  • Both installing and configuring virtual cloud instances
  • Supporting cloud servers including security configuration, patching, and troubleshooting
  • Establishing Virtual Private Networks (NPNs) to customer environments
  • Develop scripts for automating client/server functions
  • Monitor automated systems recovery solutions

As a BizTech College Mobile App Design Engineer student, you will gain the hands-on skills to apply software to your ideas, by utilizing effective programming strategies, patterns and tools as a foundation. Therefore immersing yourself into the field, uninterrupted.

Students with a post-secondary accreditation in either IT or computer science without a doubt will be able to apply previous experience to building real-world, high functioning mobile applications.

Learning Outcomes

  • In-depth Programming You will learn to design and implement your ideas on a number of mobile application development platforms.
  • Certified In-class theoretical knowledge, coupled with hands-on, project-based training prepares you to succeed in obtaining a number of industry standard certifications.
  • In-Demand You will prepare to meet industry demand because almost every business relies on mobile apps to interact with consumers.

BizTech College’s mobile applications design program is designed so that you will gain in-depth knowledge in the following areas, in addition to building your personal persona.

  • Programming using Java
  • Designing as well as building a complete Android application
  • Basic techniques for making your application profitable
  • Programming in Objective-C, for the purpose of developing and building real-world iOS applications
  • Design as well as develop device-specific, native applications.
  • Building and developing Windows Store applications, using C+
  • Developing and optimizing websites for mobile devices
  • Build jQuery Mobile web pages, creating forms, adding buttons and toolbars, implementing list views and more


Certification Opportunities

Unlike other mobile app designer engineer programs, BizTech College’s offers you the unique advantage to pursue the following industry-standard certifications while working towards your diploma.

Java Certification

First certification students can get, provided they successfully complete the Programming in Java module

Android Certifications

Second certification students can get, as long as they successfully complete of the Android Application Development Module

Third certification students can get, granted successful completion of Android Application Development, Android Security Essentials and the Business Side of App Development modules

Microsoft Visual Studio Certification

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Students looking to enroll in our Mobile App Design Engineer program must first meet the following pre-requisites:

  • Ontario High school diploma or equivalent, OR
  • Mature student status (18 years old and over) AND
  • Successful completion of the Wonderlic test

BizTech College’s mobile app designer engineer program will prepare you in order to meet the demand for trained mobile app developers across Canada. Accordingly, it is estimated that 50,500 new computer programmers and interactive media developer jobs will open up nationwide, through 2024.

As a result of studying BizTech College’s mobile applications design, you will have the unique opportunity to pursue a variety of career paths. In this case, you may pursue some of the following roles:

  • Mobile Specialist
  • iOS Developer
  • Android OS Developer
  • Mobile Game Developer
  • Enterprise Mobile Specialist
  • Mobile App Developer- iOS, Android, Microsoft
  • Advertising Agencies