7 things you should know about a Career in Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the buzz word in Canada, but why? Is a career in cyber security a good idea?


Being one of the most ‘wired’ countries in the world, Canada has faced the third highest cyber incidents in the world in 2018. According to IT World Canada, almost 60% of Canadian firms have experienced some sort of cyber security breach.

So, it is safe to say that a career in cyber security (also known as information security) is worth it. But, before you dive into the profession, here are the top 7 things you should know about a career in cyber security.

Cyber Security Career

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  • Choose Your Own Adventure:  Cyber security career is not a well-defined path. Being one of the advanced branches of IT, you would need the necessary background skills. Professionals with a background in development, system administration, tech support or a computer science degree holder can enter the field. To be honest, context doesn’t matter, you would have to leverage your strengths and experience towards cyber security career.


  • It’s for Motivated Individuals: It is a challenging, ever-evolving career. To build a successful career in cyber security, you need passion and self-motivation. Organizations are facing new threats and need innovative and effective preventative measures.


  • Continued Learning: A successful career in information security is built on continued education and certifications. A degree can get you started, but it won’t carry you forward. Certifications and periodic training programs are a must. A diploma in networking & cyber security along with industry certifications is the best way to kick-start a rewarding career.


  • The Bad Side: Although you will be working on the defensive side of cyber-attacks, you would have to have a mindset like a hacker. There are specific tried-and-true procedures, but you would have to be ready for unexpected situations. You need to be creative and crazy at times to get out of a tough situation.


  • Human Skills: Don’t underestimate the power of ‘soft skills’. Your main job is to support the people in an organization.  You’ll need to communicate technical ideas in a way everyone can understand. You need to understand the psychology of attackers as well as users. Adaptability is a must, there’s no way to account for everything. You would have to change according to the new technologies and work requirements. Be open and ready to move forward.


  • Background Matters: A career in cyber security can take you places; however, you would need a clean background. Organizations such as defense, law enforcement, financial institutions etc. would need a thorough background check.  Good character and reliability are must in this career.


  • Cyber Security Career is growing: As businesses become more dependent on technology, and more trade is conducted online, the number of threats will rise, as will the demand for cyber security professionals. You are looking at a lifelong career essential for every business setting.

How a diploma with BizTech College advance your career?


Our 51 weeks Networking and Cyber Security Diploma gives you in-depth knowledge of all aspects related to cyber security. You will be able to boost your employability by gaining the skills necessary to pursue the following industry-standard certifications such as CCNA Security, Cisco Cyber Security Fundamental, Cisco – SECOPS and more.

Career in cyber security
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