5 High- Paying Technology Jobs You Can Earn Under a Year

Mar 18, 2020 | Technology

Canada’s technology sector is booming and has become a significant economic driver. As businesses become dependent on technology, demand for IT professionals is rising at an unprecedented rate. Are you ready for technology jobs in Canada.

The rapidly evolving industry demands professionals who are well versed in the latest technologies and can accommodate the ever-changing needs of the sector. Employers seek candidates who have the right combination of industry certifications, experience, and willingness to learn.

Here is the list of high-paying technology jobs you can land in less than a year:


Computer Support Specialist:

Technology support specialist is new on the 2020 list. Technical support is needed in every industry and involves the customer service aspect. Thus, individuals who are tech-savvy and have practical communication skills are suitable for this profile.

According to Payscale Canada, the average salary for computer support specialists is C$52,768, and with experience, one can earn C$75,000 annually.

Network Engineer:

Network administrators oversee the complete IT and Network services. Servers, internal and external network equipment, ensuring the computer network runs smoothly. They typically deal with hardware more than software.

According to PayScale Canada, the average salary for a network engineer is C$71, 515 annually.

Cybersecurity Specialist:

One of the most in-demand technology jobs nowadays, Cybersecurity specialist, top the technology sector for 2020. Every sector public and private needs cybersecurity specialists to keep information and data safe. With the right experience and industry certification, you will be able to master the skills required for this profile.

The average pay for Cybersecurity specialists in Canada is C$ 95,510 per year.

Systems Analyst:

Systems analysts design and maintain organizations’ information systems for increased efficiency and profitability. A combination of technology and business skills, system analysts solve business problems and identify organizational needs and improvements required for better business solutions.

According to PayScale, the average annual salary for system analysts is C$88,240.

Software Applications Developer:

Software developers fall into two general categories: system developers and application developers. App developers focus on research, user experience, and design. From optimizing business efficiency to interactive platforms, app developers are in demand in almost every industry.

The average pay for a Mobile app developer in Canada is C$65,604.

The technology sector is booming and will offer high pay to experience and industry certified applicants.

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