8 Qualities of an Exceptional Ultrasound Technician

Jul 29, 2020 | Healthcare

Quality training is just the start of an exciting career as an Ultrasound Technician.   

An ultrasound technician, also known as a sonographer, operate equipment that uses high-frequency sound waves to record images of internal organs. Working directly with physicians and patients, ultrasound technician plays a vital role in the diagnosis process.   

Ultrasound technician may specialize in Abdominal, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Vascular, Musculoskeletal and Pediatric Sonography. To become an ultrasound technician, you must complete an accredited training diploma and must possess the skills to be successful in the field.   

What qualities help an ultrasound technician succeed?  

Attention to Detail: Sonographers need to assess and identify any problems with a patient’s ultrasound. There may be subtle differences between scanned areas, and attention to detail will help them identify issues accurately. Ultrasound technicians need to adhere to scanning protocols and follow the correct steps to perform the diagnosis.

People Skills: Ultrasound technician work directly with patients. Thus, excellent listening skills top the soft skills requirement. People experience a variety of medical conditions, therefore understanding their concerns and helping patients through the process is essential.

Excellent Hand-eye Coordination: An ultrasound technician needs to be able to move hand-held devices on a patient’s body while watching a video monitor. Careful hand movement and noticing even slightest changes during the process is imperative to the process.

Team Work: Sonographers work as a link between a patient, imaging department and healthcare professional. Ability to coordinate effectively and transmit patient concerns to the team help improve service in every way.

Continuous Learning: Apart from essential technical training, a good ultrasound technician is open to learning on the job. Working along with experienced staff, help you gain insights into the profession; thus, the knowledge should be used to enhance skills and be successful in the field. Embracing new technologies and keeping up-to-date on technological advancement is also appreciated.

Ethical and Discrete: Like any other healthcare profession, sonographers need to have high professional standards. They work directly with patients and are usually the first one to identify the medical issue. Ultrasound technicians should not inform a patient of a medical condition and should maintain discretion for the complete diagnosis.

Physical Strength: Sonographers don’t sit at a desk all day. Scanning patients all day, preparing exam room, moving equipment and helping patients position themselves requires physical strength. There is never a dull moment, and physical strength is essential for professionals.

Mental Strength: Ultrasound techs work in a high- pressure setting with a busy schedule. Being able to concentrate, focus and flexibility of mind is essential. They might have to make independent decisions and should be able to cope up with stress.   

Being an ultrasound technician requires patience and a positive attitude. They will come across dire health conditions, and they must be able to emotionally deal with the situation.   

Apart from essential technical skills, ultrasound tech needs to work on the qualities mentioned above. It is important to improve yourself continuously and strive to be excellent at what you do.   


BizTech College offers two in-demand programs in Sonography – Generalist and Cardiac. Apart from technical skills, our clinical readiness program helps you attain the qualities mentioned above. Clinical placements are part of the program, giving students much needed professional experience. If you think you have what it takes to become an Ultrasound technician, start your healthcare career with us.   

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