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5 Traits of Successful Medical Office Administrator

Success looks different to everyone, and everyone has different ways of reaching that success. Most individuals who succeed in their field, take stock of their strengths and weaknesses and build on those to make a successful career. Individuals who have successfully...

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Medical Terminology for Beginners

Have you ever found yourself sitting in the doctor’s office, nodding and smiling, taking mental note of all the words you need to look up when you get home?  Walking into a hospital or doctor’s office can sometimes feel like walking into a new place, where everyone is...

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How Paramedical Education advances your career?

So you are planning to become paramedical and wondering what career options are for the future? Paramedic professionals have a built-in career ladder, from first responders to research, you have the opportunity to shape your career the way you want. If you are caring,...

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Increasing Demand for Medical Lab Professionals

More than 440 million medical tests conducted in Canada each year. And, the wait time for medical tests has increased exceptionally. Why? Canada doesn’t have enough medical lab professionals (MLA/Ts). The shortfall is due to the ageing workforce and lack of medical...

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