Is a Paramedic Career Right for you?

Jul 2, 2019 | Healthcare

From the rush and excitement to the self-fulfillment and personally rewarding benefits, many people consider a paramedic career. The exciting paramedic roles portrayed by Hollywood, and the desire to serve the community are just some of the reasons that get people thinking about becoming a paramedic.

Perhaps you find yourself thinking about starting a paramedic career. Follow these tips to find out if it’s the right career for you!


What Drives You?

What is it about being a paramedic that excites you? Is it the chance to speed down the road, sirens blaring in an ambulance? Or the recognition you feel when wearing a paramedic uniform? A paramedic career is highly demanding and choosing to pursue this career for the right reasons is what will keep you going. Many choose the profession because of a deep desire to serve the community and make a difference in the lives of others.

Remember when you chose to be a paramedic, you won’t always be speeding through traffic in the ambulance!

Are You a Team Player?

Do you prefer to work with others, and strive in a team environment?

Those who serve as paramedics, work in pairs and get to know their partners very well. Thus, as a paramedic, you need to be a team player and recognize the partnership, and not just you. 

Many individuals who have chosen to pursue a paramedic career have found reliable, long-lasting friendships with others in their service.

How Flexible are you?

Are you ready to respond to just about any situation, at any time?

A large part of a paramedic career is being flexible. On some 12 hour shifts, you may only get a few calls, while on other shifts you could be responding to back to back calls. In a paramedic career, you need to remain flexible and obtain the ability to go with the flow. 

You may not always be responding to emergencies, some days you may be cleaning or restocking the ambulance. Both are essential aspects of the job, and a paramedic needs to be ready to do both.

Do You Handle Stress Well?

Can you communicate calmly and thinking clearly under high-pressure situations?

Throughout your paramedic career, there are likely to be countless high-stress situations you need to respond to in a calm, collected manner. When the pressure is on, are you still able to communicate your thoughts to your partner, patient and their family members in a transparent way?

If you find your mind blanking or feel yourself cracking under pressure, a paramedic career may not be the right choice for you.

There are many reasons anyone may consider pursuing a paramedic career. Knowing those reasons for yourself will help determine whether or not a paramedic career is right for you.

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