How Paramedical Education advances your career?

Aug 1, 2019 | Healthcare

So you are planning to become paramedical and wondering what career options are for the future? Paramedic professionals have a built-in career ladder, from first responders to research, you have the opportunity to shape your career the way you want.

If you are caring, compassionate and believe in making a meaningful difference, paramedic career is the right fit for you. No matter which stage of job you are in, choosing a career as a paramedic is rewarding.

So what do Paramedical Professionals do?


  • Paramedics administer pre-hospital emergency, pre-hospital care to anyone, in any medical emergency.
  • As per requirement, they maintain IV treatment, apply adjunctive equipment for ventilation and administer medicine or nay other advanced emergency treatment.
  • Apart from above, paramedical personnel document and record patient injuries and treatment offered.
  • Whenever required, they assist hospital personnel with the provision of medical treatment.

Paramedic students have to go through rigorous training and job does tests physical and mental health of the person. People who have been successful EMS or paramedics are suitable candidates for other healthcare programs. You may have to further your education in the related field, but it would be worthwhile.

Here are some future career options for paramedical students:


Registered Nurse (RN)

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses are in high demand across Canada. Thus, many states allow students to become RNs through alternative pathways. Such programs have a shorter duration and cater as bridge programs. However, some programs might require a test in medication calculations and clinical competence.

Most bridge programs are flexible to allow you to work while pursuing education. Paramedics are most suited for nursing school clinical requirements.

Paramedical Educator or Manager

How Paramedical Education advances your career?

A career as an instructor is another rewarding choice. Gain additional skills to upgrade your knowledge and skills periodically to get better opportunities. Paramedical with an Associate or Bachelor’s degree is given preference for management roles.

Physician Assistant

How Paramedical Education advances your career?

Skills gained on-job give you a solid foundation to become a physician assistant. Programs for physician assistants vary in admission requirements, but candidates with healthcare experience are preferred.


How Paramedical Education advances your career?

The path to becoming a physician is longer than any of the professions mentioned above. But paramedical professionals acquire many of the skills to become a successful physician. Exposed to patient care daily, paramedics stay calm under stress. Thus, paramedical experience is highly valued during medical school admission.

Some of the other career options for paramedical professionals include- Emergency care consultant, a researcher in a hospital or non-profit organizations and medical technician in the military.


BizTech College offers 60 weeks diploma in primary care paramedic that provides the opportunity of continuing education. Students have the opportunity to apply diploma credits to a nursing degree at Davenport University. Put your healthcare career on fast-track and become a versatile professional.

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