Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Business Manager In Canada?

Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Business Manager In Canada?

Aug 6, 2021 | BizTalk, Business

Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Business Manager In Canada?

Do you see yourself as a leader? If you’re hoping to pursue your career as a business manager, you need to understand what the role is all about and what skills will help you succeed.

Business managers in Canada shoulder the responsibility to oversee and direct the operations of a company. Any person looking to become a business manager in Canada will be typically responsible for supervising employees, keeping the finances on track, and making sure the organization meets its goals.

The real question that matters now is – what does it take to land a position like that? What skills and traits do employers look for in Canada? This BizTalk will provide our readers with the clear roadmap they need to become business managers. Figure out what abilities are required and see if you’re suited for the role of a Business manager in Canada.

What are the Skills Employers Look for in a Business Manager?

Accounting Acumen

One of a business manager’s main responsibilities is to make sure the company stays in good financial health. Many employers look for managers who have experience with budgeting and bookkeeping. You should know what goes into invoicing, purchasing, inventory control, and payroll processing. You should also be able to look at a balance sheet or a profit and loss statement and understand how the numbers relate to company performance. That’s why accounting principles and procedures are a major component of business management training.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Being able to communicate well is one of the most important skills for a business manager in Canada. You will constantly be exchanging ideas and information with your fellow employees, customers, vendors, executives, and other stakeholders. It could be through one-on-one conversations, emails, reports, or presentations. So it’s very crucial to know how to speak and write clearly. The most important aspect of communicating well means being able to connect with people and build relationships.

The most important skill is to forge a good rapport with people you’ve just met, earn their trust and make them believe in and follow you. These are fundamental skills you need to become a business manager.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Dispute management and conflict resolution are skills that a business manager must possess. You must be able to recognize and deal with disputes among your employees.

It can be tempting to let the staff figure it out for themselves. But ignoring the issues can poison the work environment and cause you to lose respect as a leader. A business manager must step in and take action if someone is consistently missing deadlines or butting heads with another team member.

By addressing conflicts head-on and working through them fairly and reasonably, you can help keep your team happy, productive, and loyal.

Motivating Capabilities

One of the key differences between being a member of a team and being the leader of the team. A big part of a business manager’s job is hiring the right people and inspiring them to give their best. You must provide the kind of leadership that makes your staff want to work hard and exceed expectations. That means being a bit of a cheerleader. You need to be positive, enthusiastic, and encouraging. Give credit and praise when they’re due, and always look for ways to help your staff grow and develop. If you work hard, show genuine respect for your team, and recognize a job well done, the people around you are more likely to deliver their best work.

Software Skills

To become a business manager, you must know your way around Microsoft office programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access. Some business manager job postings also call for experience with accounting or payroll software like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, or Sage. A good business management diploma program will help you become proficient with these types of applications. You’ll learn how to create and analyze financial statements and work with accounting and payroll systems.

How to Kickstart Your Career as a Business Manager in Canada?

BizTech College’s  Applied Business Administration program is designed to facilitate students with versatile skill-set who want to start their careers as business managers  and excel in life.

With a focus on both theoretical and practical skills, our graduates are equipped with skills to secure employment in a variety of business settings. Students receive hands-on training and a free subscription to Accounting & Payroll Administration’s latest software such as QuickBooks.  

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