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Program Overview

A career in Business Administration provides great flexibility and almost unlimited opportunities in the job market. Opportunities exist in every industry, including finance, banking, marketing, personnel and general administration and more.   

BizTech College’s business administration program prepares students for varied careers. Students learn to strategize effectively and lead successfully.   

Gain in-depth know-how of all essential elements such as accounting, marketing, business planning and e-business to manage and lead businesses effectively. Project-based learning with our business administration diploma, help our students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world settings.


1 Year No-cost Subscription to Latest Accounting Software

Focus on Digital Technology Skills

Life-long Career Support & Placement Assistance

Project-based Learning

Business Administration Diploma at BizTech College

Upon successful completion, of course, you will have gained strong working knowledge in the following areas:  

Technology Skills  

  • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint required to produce business documents and communicate within a business environment.  
  • Information management and database implementation with Microsoft Access.   
  • Advanced accounting tasks, using the latest accounting software – QuickBooks.  
  • Computer software fundamentals required for office administration.  


  • Application of basic accounting principles for transactions and financial statements.   
  • Canadian Business law focused on the complex legal environment in which businesses operate.  
  • Marketing – product planning, pricing and promotional activities  
  • Human resources management  
  • Project management and skills essential for leading effective business working. 

Business Administration students are given a one year, no-cost subscription to QuickBooks and Sage 50 accounting software for your personal computer. Therefore, you can master course material and accounting principles.

The primary focus of the Business Administration program is to prepare students for a rapidly changing, modern business environment. Students are coached in integral personal development skills and strategies, along with business disciplines.   

Apart from verbal communication, we train students on how to answer emails, text messages and any other written communication. Mock Interviews and role-playing exercises will help you gain the confidence to excel on-the-job.

Students looking to enroll in our Business Administration program must first meet the following prerequisites:  

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent OR  
  • Mature Student Status (18 years of age or older) AND  
  • Successful completion of Entry Assessment Test 

    Preparing you for a Versatile Career

    A skilled and organized business administrator is valuable to any organization. We focus on interpersonal skills and job-readiness to make sure you have the in-demand skills.

    Career Opportunities

    Probably the most versatile career path, graduates of the Business Administration program can fit in any job environment across all sectors, private or public, small or large size companies. Some available careers are:   

    • Administrative Assistant   
    • Office Manager   
    • Executive Assistant   
    • Sales Assistant  
    • Marketing Coordinator  
    • Financial Administrator   
    • Accounting and Bookkeeping Administrator

    Business administration graduates fit into a variety of roles, here is a glimpse into the salary outlook for various occupations in the Greater Toronto Area:   

    • The average wage for administrative assistants in Ontario is C$21.98/hour.  
    • Office managers earn an average wage of C$23.76/hour in Greater Toronto Area.   
    • Marketing coordinators earn an average wage of C$30.29/hour in the Toronto Region.  
    • Accounting assistants and clerks usually earn between C$15.00/hour and C$30.028/hour in Ontario.
    Qualities Employers Seek

    Equipped with a versatile skill-set, the role you play as business administrator will have a direct impact on day-to-day operations. You may not have all the qualities, but with the right education and practice, you can attain them. Key qualities of a good business administrator:  

    • Good communication skills  
    • Time management  
    • Technical know-how  
    • Adaptable  
    • Open to learning  
    • Positive attitude  
    • Problem-solving skills  
    • Good organization skills  

    8 Business Administration Skills You’ll Need to Succeed


    “My time at Biztech College was enriching. Faculty is supportive and lets you build on your strengths and be job-ready”

    Johanna G.

    “They gave me a free subscription to QuickBooks for my laptop, it helped a lot with my homework and learning to account. When I graduated, Elaine helped me create a resume, and she set up job interviews for me.”

    Elijah W.

    “I gained a lot of useful knowledge and skills on all aspects of business administration, I feel confident.”

    Esther R.

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