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Seamless, secure communication is essential for businesses. Network System Engineer ensures the smooth functioning of the network within the organization.   

As a network system engineer graduate from BizTech College, you will be prepared to enter the rapidly growing IT sector in Canada. As a student, you will gain hands-on training to install, optimize, test, and evaluate computer networks.    

Our Network System Engineer diploma is designed and updated periodically to inculcate futuristic technologies. The purpose of this qualification is to provide knowledge and specialized technical skills in networking.



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Network System Engineer Diploma at BizTech College

BizTech College’s computer network system engineer program will help you gain in-depth knowledge in the following areas:  

  • Installation, configuration, optimization, upgrading, diagnosing, troubleshoot and performing preventive measures for computer systems.  
  • Performance of network installation and configuration, network media and technologies, network management and network security.  
  • Implementation of network infrastructure in a small to medium-sized enterprise.  
  • Knowledge of security issues to the implementation of information technology solutions.  
  • Planning, configuring and verifying the implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions.  
  • Maintenance and management of a windows server and Configuration of advanced networking services.  
  • Planning and performance of regular maintenance and troubleshooting complex enterprise routed and switched networks.

Our career services focus on verbal and written communication and presentation skills to help you succeed in versatile business settings: resume building, LinkedIn profile enhancement, and job search tips as and when required.

Students looking to enroll in the Network System Engineer program must first meet the following prerequisites:    

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent OR    
  • Mature Student Status (18 years of age or older) AND    
  • Successful completion of Entry Assessment Test 

Preparing you for an In-Demand Technology Career

Trained networking professionals are required in every business setting. Apart from installation, performing preventive measures is essential to ensure secure networks.

Career Opportunities

A network system engineer works in diverse organizations. Such as financial institutions, small to medium-sized enterprises, college/universities as well as telecommunications firms.  

Upon graduation, you can work as self-employed consultants and will qualify for specialized positions such as:  

  • Network System Engineer  
  • Server administrator  
  • Network Administrator  
  • System Administrator  
  • Network Technician  
  • Technical Support Analyst  
  • Network Support Analyst  
  • Support & Security Specialist

According to Job Bank Canada, network system engineer and related occupations earn between $22.00/hour and $61.54/hour in Ontario.  

The average wage for graduates with industry certifications and prior experience earn $43.27/hour in the Toronto region.

Qualities Employers Seek

The role of network system engineer has changed significantly over the last several years. Following are some attributes to be a successful network system engineer:  

  •  Adaptability and desire to learn emerging technologies is a must.   
  • Attention to detail is a necessity.   
  • Business understanding is also an essential attribute for networking professionals.   
  • Continuous Learner: You need to be a proactive learner. Be up to date with the latest changes in the industry.    
  • Communication Skills: You should possess apt communication skills to ask support and answer questions across all areas of the business.  

How to Become a Network System Engineer?  

Certification Preparation


Network System Engineer

CompTIA A+

Network System Engineer

CompTIA Network +

Network System Engineer

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Network System Engineer

Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA)

Network System Engineer

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

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