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Mobile apps have changed the way we shop, bank and communicate. With the advent of technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), the global market increment is foreseen as 181 Billion Euro industry by 2022.   

BizTech College’s diploma in Mobile Application Design Engineer offers hands-on-skills to develop, program and deliver mobile-based applications. You will learn how to build android, iOS and window store applications.   

Hands-on training on user interface and experience design, responsive web design gives our students an edge and better career opportunities.



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Mobile App Design Engineer Diploma at BizTech College

Mobile App Design Engineer diploma is designed as per industry requisites and evaluated periodically. The curriculum focuses on various mobile application design and development topics and allows students to gain in-depth knowledge in the following areas:  

  • Programming using Java  
  • Designing and building a complete Android application  
  • Basic techniques for making your application profitable  
  • Programming in Objective-C, for developing and building real-world iOS applications  
  • Design and develop device-specific, native applications.  
  • Building and developing Windows Store applications, using C#  
  • Developing and optimizing websites for mobile devices  
  • Build jQuery Mobile web pages, creating forms, adding buttons and toolbars, implementing list views and more. 

Our career services focus on verbal and written communication and presentation skills to help you succeed in versatile business settings: resume building, LinkedIn profile enhancement, and job search tips as and when required.

Students looking to enroll in the Computer Systems Technology program must first meet the following prerequisites:   

      • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent OR   
      • Mature Student Status (18 years of age or older) AND   
      • Successful completion of Entry Assessment Test

Get ready for a creative career in Apps Development!

If there is one evergreen job title for software developers that keeps on growing is mobile app designer. Hybrid models such as in-app ads and in-app purchases is booming.

Career Opportunities

Apart from self-employment opportunities, graduates may pursue some of the following roles:  

  • Mobile Specialist  
  • iOS Developer  
  • Android OS Developer  
  • Mobile Game Developer  
  • Enterprise Mobile Specialist

Mobile application designers and developers usually earn between $20.43/hour and $55.29/hour in Canada.  

The average wage for mobile apps designers in Ontario is $38.46/hour and $38.20/hour in the Toronto region.   

For detailed job outlook, trend analysis and requirements for related jobs, please visit the Government of Canada Job Bank. 

Qualities Employers Seek

To be a mobile app designer, one must possess basic software development skills and knowledge. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning to become an app developer:  

  • Digital Design Tools: On of the first requirement to working as a mobile app designer is to have an understanding of the latest industry-standard design tools.  
  • Programming Skills: Experience with commonly used programming languages like Java and C# will come in handy.   
  • Business Skills: Many people overlook this detail, but how the app will be marketed is crucial.     

Biztalk: Mobile App Design – Is It a Right Career Path for You?  

Certification Preparation


Mobile Application Design Engineer

Android Certified Application Developer

Mobile Application Design Engineer

iOS App Development

Mobile Application Design Engineer

Windows Store Application Developer

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