Study in Mississauga

Study in Mississauga

Apr 15, 2019 | Business, Healthcare, Technology

Study in Mississauga

Each year, hundreds of international students chose to study in Mississauga, Canada. In the 2016 academic year, over 2 million Canadian students were enrolled in post-secondary programs, including over 300,000 international students who have chosen to study in Canada.

Study in Mississauga – How it helps you?

World-class Credentials

Canada is known for high educational standards, benefiting students globally. A Canadian degree, diploma, or certificate is recognized globally and opens up a pathway to lucrative positions worldwide.

Studying in Canada offers significant long-term benefits to international students, as one would get points for permanent residency and can look at settlement opportunities.

Canadian work experience is an add-on to any resume and is recognized globally. Whether you are a new graduate eager to start your career or an experienced professional ready to take the next step, the City of Mississauga can offer an exciting path for your future.

Work while you study in Mississauga

As an international student, with a valid study permit, you can work 20 hours a week, off-campus. The opportunity to gain hands-on experience while studying allows you to enter the workforce confidently, moreover as an experienced professional.

While you study in Mississauga, you have the opportunity for a work placement or co-op. This adds relevant work experience to your resume along with the opportunity to make connections with potential employers, within your field.

Work experience in Canada helps you stand out to potential employers offering advanced career opportunities coupled with unbound growth.

Get experience in booming industries/sectors

Canada has thriving industries that are prospering at a fast pace, however, stability is the key to its success. Technology, energy and manufacturing are expanding at a rapid speed. 80% of Canada’s GDP and most significant employment base is its service sector which includes healthcare, business, financial services and retail industries.

Mississauga has an active business community offering multiple career avenues. The financial services sector in Mississauga is home to the world’s leading companies including major foreign banks.

Technology is an expanding sector and is in demand across all industries. Information and technology cluster includes data management, cybersecurity, hardware manufacturing, software development, and consulting services. Many multinational IT companies have their branch offices established in Mississauga.

Healthcare in Canada, especially in Ontario is one of the most promising sectors. Demand for trained and certified medical professionals is increasing every day.


What makes studying in Mississauga most beneficial? Location!

Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, the city serves as a central location in Greater Toronto Area and 20 minutes drive to downtown Toronto. Additionally, students have the benefit of affordable living, world-class education, and boundless career opportunities.

Studying in Mississauga will help you attain the in-demand skills required to succeed as a working professional. There are many reasons to study in Mississauga, Canada. One of the biggest advantages, however, is the upper hand you gain professionally.

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