Content Marketing: What is it and Why it matters?

Content Marketing: What is it and Why it matters?

Aug 25, 2022 | BizTalk, Business, Digital Marketing

Content Marketing: What is it and Why it matters?

Content Marketing is difficult. You’ve probably heard that before, and it’s true. In today’s world, there are so many options for reaching your customers and prospects, not to mention all the other noise competing for their attention. If you want people to notice what you have to say—and be willing to pay attention—you need a plan of attack that goes beyond “if you build it they will come.”

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy, not a tactic. It’s not just blogging, videos or social media posts—it’s about creating and curating valuable information that your audience wants to consume.

It’s a way of telling your brand’s story, educating consumers and prospective customers about the problems you can solve for them, and positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your industry.

Content marketing is a strategy for creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and to drive profitable customer action.

Why is content marketing so important?

The goal of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by engaging them in a conversation. Content marketing can be used to build an audience, drive traffic, generate leads and sales. How does content marketing establishes credibility and strengthens brand reputation.

  1. Positive brand image and customer retention
    Content has the ability to create postive experience and compel them to visit again. From capturing audience’s attention to enforcing positive brand impression, content is your ticket to reach out and retain potential experiences.
  2. Increases social media impact
    Content is the key to increase social media impact. Quality content across channels will help your business gain traction and increase followers.
  3. Building Trust among customers
    Content marketing is the best way to build a relationship with your audience. Educating or answering queries, social media platforms create value and customers are more likely to trust your brand.
    If your content offers solutions to the audience at the right place and at the right time, it’ll improve your brand’s reputation. Quality of your content determines how customers associate with your brand.
  4. Generate more and better leads.
    Content marketing plays an important role in lead generation. Content is a great way to guide customers to your landing page. Whene you create relevant and valuable content, visitors tend to click on CTA’s.
    Calls-to-action (CTA) placed tacticly in your content can generate new leads and overall boosts paid campaigns as well. So, how can content generate leads?
  5. Stay Original
    Original content goes long way, from written content to graphics and videos that offer fresh preview and influences conversions. Including CTAs and guiding your readers on what they should do next is a must.
  6. Gives an edge to your SEO
    Consistent, high-quality content aids your SEO efforts and helps your improve website position in SERPs. Whilst building your content marketing strategy, ensure you keep SEO in mind and how it will help your website’s ranking.
  7. You’ll earn loyal brand fans.
    All the people who associate with your content can further become brand advocates, helping you take brand awareness a step further.
  8. Helps you save money
    Content marketing helps you save money long-term when compared to paid advertisements. Content creation is an art and if done with complete strategy in mind, content boosts your overall paid and organic lead generation. It can be challenging but with right strategy, you can maximize the ROI.

Content marketing is an integral part of digital marketing domain and specialists can earn up to $51.92/hr in Canada.

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