14 Best Careers after High School without a Bachelor’s Degree

14 Best Careers after High School without a Bachelor’s Degree

Jul 2, 2020 | BizTalk

14 Best Careers after High School without a Bachelor’s Degree

Fresh out of high school and not planning to invest 4 years in a bachelor’s degree? No Problem. A four- year college education is a must for specific jobs; however, there are several careers after high school you can opt for without a bachelor’s degree. These 14 careers after high school are among the best available. Some may require a diploma or associate degree, while others can be started with a short-term certification. 


1. Primary Care Paramedic

One of the most in-demand health care career, primary care paramedics, are needed all over Canada. Paramedical professionals administer pre-hospital care to patients with accidental injuries, medical illnesses and transport them to hospitals and other medical facilities. Primary care paramedics are employed in hospitals, fire departments, government and private ambulance services, manufacturing firms, mining companies and other establishments. The employment outlook for Paramedical occupations is good, and growth will lead to new positions. 

The average wage for recent graduate Primary Care Paramedics in the Province of Ontario is C$ 37/hr. 

2. Laboratory Technician – Medical

Demand for certified medical lab technicians is constant. They are responsible for routine medical lab tests, draw blood from patients for analysis using proper techniques and precautions. The employment outlook for laboratory technicians- medical is a stable and moderate number of positions will become available. Medical laboratory technicians work in hospitals, laboratories, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

The average wage for certified, experienced phlebotomists in Ontario is C$24/hr. 

3. Sonographers

Sonography is a diverse field with generic and specialized domains such as cardiac, vascular and more. Sonographers operate ultrasound equipment to produce and record images of the body. They aid physicians in diagnosing and monitoring pregnancies and medical disorders.  The employment outlook for Sonographers is good in the province of Ontario. Sonographers are employed in diagnostic laboratories and hospitals. 

The average wage for sonographers is C$38/hr in Canada.

4. Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapy assistants help people after an illness or injury. They perform technical therapy and assessment functions and help patients develop skills needed to perform daily tasks. Occupational therapy assistants are employed in rehabilitation centres, care facilities, clinics and hospitals. 

The average wage for occupational therapy assistants in the Province of Ontario is C$20/hr in Canada.

5. Personal Care Aide 

Personal support workers provide care and companionship to the elderly and persons with disabilities. They work in both client’s residence and resident care facilities. The employment outlook for personal care aide is good in the Province of Ontario.  The majority of personal care aide workers are employed in-home health care, nursing and residential care facilities. Private households also employ support workers.

The average wage for recent graduates is C$18/hr. 

6. Medical Office Assistant

Medical assistants or medical office administrators manage are the face of health care services. They greet people, answer telephone calls, schedule appointments and perform other duties as guided. Medical assistants are employed at hospitals, clinics, dental and other offices in both the public and private sectors. The employment outlook is good for medical assistants in the Province of Ontario.

The average wage for medical assistants in Ontario is C$17/hr.


7. Web Developers 

Web developers are in high demand in Ontario, they work to design, create and maintain websites and applications. They are employed in software development, IT, consulting firms and advertising firms. Self-employment is another excellent option for web developers. 

The average wage for web developers in Ontario is C$33.65/hr.

8. Computer Systems Technician 

Systems technician install, configure and troubleshoot computer systems. Systems technicians also help in developing and implementing policies and procedures for computer systems development and operations. They are employed in both the private and public sectors. 

The average wage for computer systems technicians in Canada is C$20/hr.

9. Network Administrators 

Computer Network Administrators are skilled in planning, installing, and providing routine control over, including managing critical situations to secure network communications and its users. CNAs are responsible for the smooth running of network infrastructures. They are employed in both the private and public sectors. 

The average wage for Computer Network Administrators in Ontario is C$31/hr.


10. Cybersecurity Engineer 

As more information passes through the internet, cyber-attacks are on the rise. As the company’s first line of defence, cybersecurity specialists are in demand from medium to large corporations and in government departments.

The average wage for Cybersecurity engineers in Canada is C$32.50/hr.

Most technology careers require industry certifications and on-the-job experience which can be gained through internships.



11. Paralegal

Paralegals do administrative work such as prepare legal documents and conduct research to assist lawyers. The employment outlook for paralegals is fair in the province of Ontario. Majority of paralegals are employed by legal, notary, real estate and firms. Paralegals are in-demand in public administration as well. 

The average wage for paralegals in Ontario is C$28.21/hr. 

12. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants support managerial staff and professional employers. They are employed in almost every industry in both the public and private sectors. The employment outlook is fair in Ontario. 

The average wage for administrative assistants in Ontario is C$22/hr.

13. Event Coordinator

If you like planning, coordinating and enjoy exciting work style, event coordinator profile is perfect for you. Event coordinators organize and manage conferences, conventions, seminars, trade shows and festivals. They are employed in both the private and public sectors. 

The average wage for event coordinators in Ontario is C$24/hr.

14. Insurance Sales Agent

Sales is one of promising field, insurance sales agents commonly sell life, health and property insurance. Insurance agents can work as independent representatives and are also employed by individual insurance companies and brokerage firms. 

The average wage for Insurance sales agents in Ontario is C$24.52/hr.


Apart from the careers mentioned above after high school, skilled trade such as automotive technician, carpenter, crane operator, electrician, plumber, machinery operator, and welders are also in high demand.


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