Is a Business Administration Diploma Worth in 2021?

Is a Business Administration Diploma Worth in 2021?

Jun 28, 2021 | Business, BizTalk

Is a Business Administration Diploma Worth in 2021?

A business administration diploma is a great choice in the year 2021 as it opens up varied career paths you can take upon graduation. Business administration programs prepare you for a variety of entry-level positions in the business sector, including marketing and sales, financial services, human resources, or management. 

What Is a Business Administration Diploma? 

A business administration diploma is designed in a specific way to teach students better ways to organize, plan, direct and manipulate business functions and procedures, which is why employers are seeking applicants with those abilities. 

It is usually a one-year program, which helps you gain essential management skills. This course helps you get a better understanding of the below mentioned 6 subjects:    

  1. Marketing, finance and business strategies    
  2. Fundamentals of administrative management 
  3. Develop business communication skills and work effectively as a team player  
  4. Functioning of human resources   
  5. Understanding of business cycle and how to operate effectively within it 
  6. Fundamentals of latest software used commonly in a business work environment
  7. Business Ethics 
  8. Operations Management 

What jobs can you get with a business administration diploma?

There are many fields one can enter after graduating with a diploma in business administration in Canada. If everything mentioned in this BizTalk session wasn’t enough to spark your interest, maybe the following list of career options will do it. 

  1. Business Development Associate 

In this job role, one is responsible for overall business impact, nurturing relationships with customers and other stakeholders, improvising profitability through strategic planning and enhancing the reputation of the organization as a whole. The average salary earned in this job role in Canada is CAD 60,500. 

  1. Account Manager 

Their main job objectives are to serve as a salesperson and part customer service rep. You can work as an account manager in many divergent types of businesses, but mostly in an advertising or marketing agency. Your main job role is to get everything done. You are the POC between the agency you are working for and your clients. You will oversee and nurture the agency-client relationship, comprehend their needs, and make sure the agency delivers. According to PayScale the average salary for an Account Manager in Canada is $54625. 

  1. Management Consultant 

In any firm, they are in charge of upgrading business value, providing growth and solve any issues that may arise. You will have to oversee the structure, operations and strategy in organizations. Management Consultants can earn CAD 78,800 on an average, annually. 

  1. Sales Associate 

In this job role, you are responsible for selling an organization’s services and products to customers, governmental agencies and other businesses. Apart from approaching prospective customers, Sales Associates also attempt to maintain positive relations with existing customers for more business. The average annual salary for Sales Associates is CAD 40,400. 

  1. Financial managers 

They are there to help the business owners make logical decisions based on facts and information to meet their long-term objectives. To improve a company’s future financial state, they also direct the senior management group to develop the strategy. 

  1. HR managers  

Their main aim at the firm is to ensure a good environment for the employees, so there is no hindrance to the productivity of the company. Typical duties of HR managers include: 

  • Develop and implement HR strategies; 
  • Address the demands, grievances or other issues of employees; 
  • Form links between employee relations and management; 
  • Promote corporate values and a positive culture within the workplace. 

What are the admission requirements for business administration diploma in Canada? 

The common admission prerequisites required for this diploma in Canada are as follows:

  • A secondary school diploma or    
  • Mature student status (18 years or older)   
  • Depending on the college/university, you may have to do an assessment test or a personal interview.    

If you meet the eligibility criteria and interested to pursue a diploma in business administration from Canada, BizTech College could help you get started on this versatile career in less than a year. We offer two uniquely designed diploma programs – Business Administration (36 weeks) and Applied Business Administration (60 weeks). Explore which plan suits your career aspirations.  

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