Career Prospects for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers in Canada

Career Prospects for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers in Canada

Feb 23, 2022 | BizTalk, Healthcare

Career Prospects for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers in Canada

Diagnostic Medical Sonography is one of the most important technologies used in modern medicine, and it has opened up many career opportunities for those passionate about it.

Statistics show that demand for diagnostic medical sonographers is on the rise, with an estimated 3,800 new specialists needed by 2024 in Canada.

There are a variety of career choices for those with a diploma or degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. This is because there are so many different positions available to those willing to pursue training and certification. The positions include sonographer, ultrasound technician, and medical imaging technologist.

In this Biztalk, we will discuss why Canada has been ranked as one of the best countries in the world for graduates to pursue a career as a sonographer and the career outlook of Diagnostic medical sonographers based in Canada.

Employment Outlook for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers in Canada

Job prospects in the medical field are staying strong. As the population ages, there is an increasing need for diagnostic imaging procedures. This means that there will be an increased demand for specialized technologists to ensure that these procedures are carried out successfully.

Canada’s population is ageing faster than the rest of the world, which means that this need will only grow in Canada. Additionally, skilled diagnostic medical sonographers can easily find employment in sectors like, hospitals, clinics, private practices, colleges, & imaging centers.

Salary Insights for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers in Canada

Potential earnings for a diagnostic medical sonographer in Canada vary from province to province. The average salary is CAD 80,000 per year, with the median annual salary being CAD 64,000 per year according to data collected by

It’s worth noting that even outside of Canada, Diagnostic medical sonographers can still expect to make an average of $33,000 USD annually.

Duties of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Diagnostic medical sonographers are healthcare professionals who use ultrasound technology to diagnose and treat patients. The typical tasks performed by a diagnostic medical sonographer include:

  • Operate ultrasound imaging equipment that transmits high-frequency sound pulses through the body to produce images of those parts of the body requiring examination
  • Monitor examination by viewing images on the video screen, to evaluate quality and consistency of diagnostic images, and make adjustments to equipment, as required
  • Record, store and process scanned images by using a camera unit connected to ultrasound equipment
  • Observe and care for patients throughout examinations to ensure patient safety and comfort
  • Prepare examination reports for physicians to aid in the monitoring of pregnancies and the diagnosis of cardiac, abdominal, ophthalmic, vascular and other disorders
  • Perform quality control checks on ultrasound equipment to ensure proper operation and perform minor repairs and adjustments as required
  • May supervise and train students and other medical sonographers.
  • Medical sonographers may specialize in abdominal, cardiac, cerebral, obstetrical and gynecologic, ophthalmic, intraluminal or peripheral vascular sonography. They may also specialize in adult or pediatric echocardiography.

Certifications Required for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers in Canada

To work as a diagnostic medical sonographer in Canada, you need to obtain and maintain the Canadian Registered Generalist Sonographer (CRGS) credential.

The Canadian Registered Generalist Sonographer (CRGS) is a certification title earned by successful completion of examinations and other requirements set forth by the CRGS program.

It denotes a sonographer certified in the examination of the abdomen, male and female pelvis, obstetrics, peripheral veins for DVT, and superficial structures including (but not limited to) thyroid and scrotum.

Impactful Role of Medical Sonographers in Patient Care

Medical diagnostic sonographers contribute significantly to patient care by providing essential diagnostic information, aiding in early detection, ensuring the safety and comfort of patients, and supporting healthcare teams in delivering timely and effective treatments.

Their role continues to evolve with advancements in technology, expanding their impact on improving patient outcomes.

Launch Your Career with BizTech College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography diploma program at BizTech College can help you do that as it is designed to teach you everything you need to know in 95 weeks about the subject and offer hands-on training in a simulated environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a demand for sonographers in Canada?

Yes, there is a high demand for sonographers in Canada across various regions and specializations. Provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan all report well for very good job prospects.

Some other provinces like New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Yukon Territory have undetermined need.

What is the scope of sonographers in Canada?

Tasks like operating ultyrasound equipement, performing examinations, analyzing & interpreting images, patient care performed by two main specifications, general & specialized sonographers to ensure proper operations & perform securely.

How much does a diagnostic sonographer make in Canada?

The salary of a medical diagnostic sonographer in Canada can vary depending on several factors. A general idea of the salary range for diagnostic sonographers in Canada is:

Entry-level: $67,844 per year

Mid-career: $77,956 per year

Experienced: $102,945 per year

What type of sonographer makes the most money?

Cardiac Sonographers: 

Vascular Sonographers: 

Musculoskeletal Sonographers: 

Neuro sonographers

Obstetric and Gynecological Sonographers

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