10 Traits of an Outstanding Personal Support Worker (PSW)

The role of a Personal Support Worker (PSW) can be a challenging yet fulfilling career choice. The ability to look after vulnerable people in the community is not something that comes naturally to many people. TIt requires a special kind of person to play this vital role in society. PSWs help people optimize their quality of life in spite of a disability or illness.

A good PSW will exhibit certain special caring skills – skills which can’t be learned or earned but are naturally part of an individual’s personality.

Further, a career as a PSW offers much potential for growth as a valuable member of a healthcare team.  It takes a great deal of dedication, specific education, and excellent interpersonal skills to become a successful PSW.

A PSW is an individual who acts as a companion or a personal aide, as well as providing long or short term care to those who cannot provide for themselves. To be a PSW, a diploma is required. The qualifying parameters for the course were specially developed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in Ontario and the Ontario Community Support Association.

Do you possess these 10 special qualities to be a PSW?

Are you the kind of individual who is naturally caring in nature? To really succeed in your career choice as a PSW, you need to possess these following 10 qualities.

  • Uplifting Nature : Each day at work, you will revel in your natural trait as a supportive, encouraging patient individual who helps patients to live their life to their full available potential. Many individuals look forward to the time they spend with their personal care attendant and your positive attitude will lift their morale as well.
  • Ability to Listen and Understand: You have the rare ability see things from another person’s perspective. Listening and understanding individual needs of a patient will help you find better ways to meet their needs.
  • Sensitive to Other’s Needs: Often, your clients will feel the need to share their story and their individual experiences. Your sensitive nature helps you build trust by listening to them and soothing their soul. Empathising with individuals in a difficult situation goes a long way for a PSW.
  • A Higher Sense of Responsibility: Your ability to handle yourself and your role with responsibility earns you everyone’s respect and sets you apart. PSWs are responsible for medication, feeding and taking care of individuals and even one minor missing detail can be life threatening.
  • Professionalism:You possess technical strong skills that help you maintain a professional approach with your clients as well as build enduring working relationships with them.
  • Excellent Communication Skills:Your solid communication and interpersonal skills enable you to relate better with your clients and become a successful PSW.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability:No two clients are the same, as such, your flexible nature will help you to easily step into the shoes of every individual client as well as customize a solution that fits their immediate needs.
  • Team Player: You will not only be dealing with different clients but also with different co-workers. Your ability to adapt well in a team environment will be a great asset as a PSW.
  • Problem Solving Abilities:The different challenges individual clients bring each day give you ample opportunity to demonstrate your problem-solving abilities, in addition to leading them to the right solution.
  • Compassion:Lastly, if you are genuinely a caring person by nature, you will be effortlessly inclined to excel in a PSW role working for the welfare of your clients.

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PSW helping an elderly lady
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