The Secret to a Successful Career in I.T.

The information security field is rapidly growing as businesses scramble to hire skilled professionals to protect their data. Information Technology (I.T.) continues to be one of the top career options for many students across Canada. According to stats from Canadian Business, over the past five years, the number of employees in this field has steadily grown by 22%.

The path to a successful I.T. career is not paved with expensive degrees rather, motivation, practice, as well as persistence. Developing in-demand skills, as well as the necessary professional development steps will prepare you for exciting work opportunities.

Expert Sill-Set

Many of the skills you develop in your I.T. education are precisely exactly what software companies look for in new hires. Consequently, these are some of the essential technical and soft skills you need:

Technical Skills:

  • Ability to work methodically as well as being very detail oriented
  • Eagerness to dig into technical questions and examine them from all sides
  • Enthusiastic, in addition to being highly adaptable
  • Strong analytical and diagnostic skills
  • Demonstrated skills in innovation and collaboration
  • A current understanding of vulnerabilities from the Internet
  • Maintaining awareness of contemporary standards and procedures in addition to a variety of methods

Soft skills:

  • Ability to get the job done
  • Excellent presentation and communications skills
  • Ability to clearly articulate complex concepts both written and verbally
  • Ability, understanding, and usage of active listening skills especially with customers

Network security engineers – A company’s first line of evidence

Network security engineers are responsible for the provisioning, deployment, configuration, and administration of the various components of a network.

This includes firewalls, routers, switches, various network-monitoring tools, and virtual private networks (VPNs). These engineers are a company’s first line of defense against unauthorized access from outside sources and potential security threats.

A network security engineer not only mitigates any potential threats but also strategize and prepare for any security breaches.

Great Future in Coming Years

Nearly every business, institution and home in Canada possesses a computer and internet connection. Therefore, creating a huge demand for computer network engineers as well as internet security specialists.

According to, in addition to the current demand for trained computer network and internet security engineers across Canada, an estimated 69,500 new jobs will open through to 2024.

Ready for a successful internet security career?

BizTech College’s Computer Network and Security Engineer diploma program puts you on the right path to the career you’ve always wanted! Protect what matters most, and launch your career in 52 weeks.

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