The Best Payroll Certifications to Advance Your Career

Canadian payroll administrators play an important role in the Human Resources department. Because of payroll administrators, staff is paid accurately and on-time. Additionally, the organization remains compliant with Canadian payroll rules and regulations.

To take your critical role as a payroll administrator, you may consider advancing your career with professional certifications.
The Canadian Payroll Association is the only regularity body in Canada, in relations to payroll administration, which offers professional certifications in addition to your own post-secondary accreditation.
The Canadian Payroll Association offers two certifications to help you advance your payroll administration career. By joining the Canadian Payroll Association, and earning the certifications they offer, you will be able to access a wide variety of resources. This will help you stay up to date and regulations as you aim to keep your organization compliant.
Another reason to earn additional certifications is the potential to increase your average annual salary by up to $10,000, according to the Canadian Payroll Administration.

Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP)

The first certification offered by the Canadian Payroll Association is the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP).
To become a certified Payroll Compliance Practitioner you will need to complete four courses. Furthermore, you will need one full year of work experience, within a payroll administration position.
Upon completion of the four courses, you will have become proficient in the legislative requirements to keep any Canadian organization compliment, in relation to payroll administration.
Additionally, you will be able to apply the appropriate legislation in a variety of payroll situations. You will also learn about third-party remittances, including technical and year-end requirements.
Lastly, you will grow your knowledge of basic accounting principles and practices.
Upon successful completion of the required courses, in addition to work experience, you can proudly showcase your expertise as a Payroll Compliance Practitioner!

Certified Payroll Manager (CPM)

The Canadian Payroll Association’s second certification requires a Payroll Compliance Practitioner, as well as two years of work experience.
Earning a Certified Payroll Manager certification will help you step into management positions, and boost your potential for a pay increase.
In addition to the required work experience, there are five modules you will have to complete in order to become a Certified Payroll Manager.
The introduction to payroll management module will give you the tools to be able to successfully manage a payroll department. In later modules, you will hone your leadership skills and ability to motivate others. Additionally, you will perfect your management skills and further develop your human resources skill-set.
The Certified Payroll Manager certificate teaches you advanced accounting principles in relation to financial statements, budget preparation, and variance reporting.
Earning a Certified Payroll Manager certificate can help you climb both the corporate and pay ladder.

The Canadian Payroll Association requires post-secondary accreditation before pursuing certifications. BizTech College’s Professional Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll Administration diploma is one of the most comprehensive payroll diploma programs in Ontario.
Extensively covering both the provincial and federal payroll legislation, this diploma program prepares you to enter the field with confidence. The strong background you gain here will help you to earn your payroll administration certifications and advance your career.
Learn from an industry expert and gain an in-demand skill-set.

Payroll Certifications
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