The Benefits of Earning Additional Certifications

Today’s job market is increasingly competitive, and the healthcare field is no exception. For the first time, there are more senior citizens living in Canada than children. This shift in demographics puts a strain on the healthcare system. Consequently, the demand for healthcare professionals has grown.

Although there may be many opportunities for professionals to meet the demand, the competition can, at times, be fierce. That being said, there is one sure way to stand out against the competition. You can show employers, as well as, hiring managers you are the best candidate for the position.

Adding additional training, or certifications, to your resume will benefit you in many ways as you search for your dream healthcare job.

Gaining Hands-on Experience

Many new graduates may miss out on positions because of a lack of experience. Most employers require one or more years of experience. As a new graduate, it’s likely you may not have the experience to match your competitors for healthcare jobs.

One way around this, and to catch the hiring manager’s attention, is by earning additional healthcare certifications. By educating yourself further, you are gaining additional hands-on experience. This can be a valuable asset on your resume and may help you stand above other recent graduates.

Hands-on experience allows you to speak about the industry and potential job with more authority. In the interview, you will be able to demonstrate a higher level of understanding based on hands-on training. Real worlds experience is what solidifies your theoretical knowledge.

Additionally, earning additional certifications demonstrates to employers that even though you are just starting off, you do have a high-level skill-set and expertise.

Versatility Increases Employability

When budgets are tight employers look to build stronger, independent teams, full of skilled professionals with versatile skill-sets. Being able to offer expertise in more than one area shows your value to employers.

Employers take comfort in the versatility of their employees, knowing that if something goes wrong, there are other staff members who have the necessary skills to step up to the plate. Earning additional certifications, related to your degree or diploma, can increase your versatility as a healthcare worker.

Building Trust as an Employee

When you take the time to earn additional certifications, it shows the employer you are dedicated to your profession. Additionally, it demonstrates to employers you are motivated to take your career to the next level, and do what it takes to succeed.

As a healthcare worker, this is especially valuable to employees as it shows your dedication to providing high-quality patient care. The time you take out of your life to increase your knowledge and grow you skill-set shows your dedication to providing well-rounded, expert patient care.

Earning additional certifications is one way for employers to quickly and easily see your experience and expertise. While browsing your resume they can see right away what your strengths are, which is one sure way to stand out against the competition.

A great addition to any healthcare resume is ECG and Phlebotomy training. By gaining expert, hands-on experience in these two areas, you can become a more versatile healthcare employee, which in turn may boost your employability.

BizTech College offers both ECG and Phlebotomy training as two separate certification courses. Each certification can be earned in just 25 hours and can make a big impact on not only your resume but your career as well.

Build your career your way, and qualify for the healthcare jobs you really want.

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