Mobile App Design – Is It a Right Career Path for You?

Aug 24, 2020 | Technology

By 2022, mobile app revenue is forecasted to generate more than $808 billion in revenue. The mobile app design industry is bound to expand due to evolution in smart devices technology.   

Smartphones are no longer used just for communication, the average user spends approx. 5 hours a day on mobile, and the majority is spent on apps and on websites. A career as a mobile app design engineer is not only rewarding but has lots of scope of advancement.   

In this article, we will help you understand mobile app design and how to get started.   

What is Mobile App Design?  

In very broad terms, mobile app design encompasses the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Mobile app designers are responsible for creating visually appealing apps, and developers focus on the technical aspects. Mobile app designers focus on the colour scheme, fonts, buttons and widgets the user will use.   

Different Types of Apps  

Applications are classified according to the functions they offer and solutions to the users.   

  • Utility Apps: Widely used, utility apps let users accomplish a task or solve a particular problem. They help users save time and effort, leading apps in this category include calculators, alarms and clocks, barcode scanners, flashlight, screen locks, password managers etc.   
  • Lifestyle Apps: These apps focus on life quality and lifestyle. They cover general themes and services such as home improvement, hobbies, fashion and real estate.   
  • Navigation Apps: These apps are widely used and help users to plan their routes and find their way. These include maps, driving and walking assistants, public transit etc.   
  • Food and Drink Apps: Here, you will find cooking, food order, eating and drinking out. These apps also offer users menus, recipes, nutrition facts, nearby restaurants and cafes and guide to different cuisines.   
  • Education and Books Apps: These apps include learning and teaching; interactively sharing knowledge. From basics like reading, writing, training apps to wildlife, languages, test preps and educational platforms.   
  • Entertainment Apps: One of the most popular apps, these apps add fun to your life. These interactive apps entertain users with video, audio, content and graphics. These apps include Movie, ticketing, fan clubs and art creation.   
  • Gaming Apps: They serve as both entertainment and education. Variety of highly useful intellectual or educational games to time-killers, these applications are diverse in design layouts and visuals.   
  • Business Apps: These applications support people in business activities, help collaborate, resources management, recruiting, track and analyze the data.   
  • Finance Apps: It’s all about money, from financial transactions to manage personal wealth. Mobile banking applications, investment, insurance, stocks and taxes are some of the leading apps in this category.   

Apart from these, Mobile apps have many categories such as social networking, sports, health & fitness, music, medical, magazines and newspapers, news, photo and video apps and e-commerce apps.   

What you should do to get started?

If you have a design background, and you are looking to get into the tech industry, mobile application design and development are a promising start.

  • Professional studies: Although there are many resources available online for self-study, enrolling in an app design training program is suggested. Not only it will help you learn the basics of the field but will also help you hone on technical skills.   
  • Learn digital design tools: Make sure you’re up to date with the latest industry-standard design tools like In Design, Photoshop, InVision, Sketch. To advance your knowledge and ability to coordinate with the development team, you’ll need to know programs such as Axure, UXPin used to create wireframes, blueprints for apps layout and appearance.   
  • Practice on design projects: Practical learning is essential in the mobile app design field. Developing mock-up projects based on user stories, buyer personas, and user research is vital.   
  • Create a portfolio: Any mock-up projects you create should be included in your design portfolio. This portfolio will show prospective employers what you can do and what varied skills you possess.   
  • Look for design jobs: Start browsing freelance job boards or internships that will give hands-on experience. You can approach software development firms, web and visual design firms, tech firms and mobile marketing and advertising agencies.   

You will be responsible for following on-the-job:   

  • Create mock-ups and visual designs.   
  • Work with cross-functional team – development and marketing to create usable, engaging visuals for mobile apps.   
  • Involvement in the development process through conception, design to development, testing and release.   
  • Creating mobile and hybrid apps across multiple platforms such as iOS, Windows and Android.  
  • Tracking ongoing research and new updates in mobile app design patterns.   
  • Troubleshoot any design-related issues and provide quick resolutions.   

Must have skills for mobile app designer:   

  • Deep understanding of various platforms – iOS and Android  
  • Strong graphic design skills – Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator  
  • Knowledge of the app development process  
  • Ability to research extensively on how people use their devices and predict user interaction.   
  • Thorough knowledge of layouts, colour combinations, typography and structure  
  • Ready to adapt to rapidly changing technologies  
  • Team player and flexible  
  • Ability to communicate effectively and presentation skills  

Get Started with us!  

Biztech College diploma in Mobile Application Design Engineer focuses on core  Fundamentals to develop and design applications for mobile and tablet devices. Students gain hands-on skills in advanced topics in mobile app development, user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and enterprise technologies.    

Additionally, you will gain programming skills essential for app development. Preparation for industry-standard certifications – Android Certified Application Developer, iOS App Development, Windows Store Application Developer offers graduates a unique advantage.   

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