How can I start a career in Cloud Computing?

How can I start a career in Cloud Computing?

Jan 31, 2021 | Technology

How can I start a career in Cloud Computing?

70% of businesses that have invested in cloud computing have said they were able to reinvest funds back into their business as a result. Consequently, 60% of businesses say they prefer to hire information technology (IT) professionals with expertise in cloud computing.
If you have ever thought about it, now is the right time to launch a career as cloud engineer. From the demand for cloud professionals to the lucrative pay opportunities, a career in cloud computing has much to offer.

Start building a foundation in cloud computing:

Like many professions, the best way to start building your cloud computing career is by building a solid foundation.
As a result of building your knowledge of cloud-based technologies, you will come to understand the key concepts of cloud computing. It refers to the act of when data or applications, which are stored on remote machines, can be accessed anywhere, anytime, using the internet.

Additionally, you may gain an overview of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). You may also start building knowledge of virtualization, storage and data management, all within the cloud.
In addition to identifying key concepts, you will more readily identify the advantages of cloud computing. Such as cutting costs, security, flexibility, mobility, loss prevention, and increased collaboration.
A solid overview will serve you well as you work towards a career in one of the many specializations within cloud computing.

Explore the Industry: 

Cloud computing covers a wide range of expertise and specialties. Therefore, it’s best to research the industry and find out what the latest technologies and techniques are. Moreover,  discover the current trends, and learn about where it is heading. This will give you the opportunity to discover the area that interests you the most, and if there are viable career opportunities in that area.

With a cloud computing skill-set, you have the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of careers. Below are some possible career opportunities: 

  • Cloud Architect: A cloud architect is someone who thinks long-term and essentially provides the blueprints for the adoption, deployment, management, and administration of the cloud.
  • Cloud Administrator: Cloud administrators configure, deploy, manage and maintain the cloud server infrastructure. These professionals are responsible for managing data and access within the cloud for an organization.
  • Cloud Security Manager: A cloud security manager is needed to design and also execute security measures to prevent, protect against and recover from security breaches.
  • Cloud Application Developer: A cloud application developer designs, tests as well as deploys cloud-based applications based on the needs of the user. These IT professionals are required to have a strong background in programming.

Get Certified

Once you have your sights set on an area that excites you, it’s time to build your expertise.
After gaining a basic, yet strong, knowledge, you can start training in more specialized areas. One of the best ways to start building your cloud computing career is to start earning industry standard certifications.
Some popular industry certifications for cloud roles are:


As you look to build your career in cloud computing, employers will want to see real-world experience on your resume. Consequently, adding professional, industry standard certifications to your resume allows employers to quickly pick out your areas of strength and expertise.
By preparing and practicing for your certification exams, you are giving yourself the opportunity for more hands-on training, as a result, helping you build your cloud computing career.
When you add personal certifications to your resume, you can showcase the fact that you have hands-on experience with cloud-based technologies.

Continue to Learn

Once you’ve started your career in cloud computing, don’t stop building it. The IT industry changes so rapidly that it is imperative IT professionals stay on top of changing technologies. This may mean re-certifying as often as needed or, staying up to date on industry news and new technologies.
By staying on your toes and ahead of the game, you can provide your employer with the best cloud-based solutions for their needs.
Build your cloud computing career as the industry grows.

Start your cloud computing career on the right foot, with the right education. Learn in an environment that fosters student success, and puts your learning needs first. Experts, with years of relevant field experience, lead small classes as students prepare for a career in cloud computing.
BizTech College puts your success first, subsequently putting you on the right path to building your career and transforming your future. Our Cloud Engineer diploma will help you gain the foundational knowledge you need, along with the hands-on specialized skills to pursue industry-relevant certifications.
Start your career in cloud computing today!

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