Computer Networking – Right Choice for IT Career?

Jul 5, 2019 | Technology

Computer networking is not something you think of every day while you’re at work, or even when you’re at home streaming your favorite shows or browsing online, but your computer network plays a highly significant role. Computer networks make streamlined communication and computer-based activities possible.

As technology innovates and changes, so is the demand for IT professionals with computer networking skills.

According to the Canadian Job Bank, an estimated 23,000 new computer networking jobs are expected now through 2026, across all industries.

A Career in Computer Networking

While technology innovates, computer networks must also grow and change to keep up. One of the most significant advancements  is cloud computing. As consumers move away from physical forms of data, demand for professionals to manage cloud based computing systems has risen.

Computer network engineers are responsible for implementing and managing the various components of a computer network. Through networking courses, you may learn how to troubleshoot a computer network and ensure all its parts are working together, as intended.

A  networking professional may be responsible for designing, and implementing, both physical and wireless networks.

Computer Networking Courses

Where does an exciting IT career start? With the right networking courses. 

Networking courses help you gain an understanding of how data is shared in a network. During your studies, you will come to know how computer networks are set-up and how to maintain a network.  Later on, in more advanced networking courses, you will likely gain an understanding of cloud computing and how computer networks operate within a cloud-based system. Computer networking courses are the first step to getting on the right path to a bright future in IT.

Computer Networking Experience

 After gaining the theoretical and foundation knowledge of computer networks through courses, it’s time to put that knowledge to work!

Networking courses give you a solid foundation however hands-on experience in the workforce is the best way to master your skill-set. Working in a fast-paced environment, alongside highly qualified professionals, will give you the confidence you need to succeed. Luckily, computer networking experience is not hard to find.  Organizations across every industry rely on computer networks to achieve day-to-day tasks. Whichever field excites you the most, it’s likely there is a job available.

Put your knowledge to good use by gaining hands-on experience.  Although we are often forgotten about, computer networks play a vital role in the way we communicate and do business.  Networking professionals are key to support smooth operation in any organization.

The best way to jump into an exciting IT career is by stepping into the right networking courses.


BizTech College offers a variety of Information Technology courses, specializing in computer networking. Industry experts guide students through hands-on training, as students prepare to succeed! Find the networking course that’s right for you, and start building your career today.

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