5 Tech Careers to Earn Now

Jan 17, 2019 | Technology

5 Tech Careers you should invest in now!


All around the world, the information technology (IT) field is growing rapidly. More and more businesses rely on technology to operate more effectively. As a result, the demand for skilled IT professionals grows.

With a consistent demand for qualified IT workers, now is the perfect time to build your IT career. These five careers will be among the most demanded, come 2020, according to ZDNet. Don’t miss out on exciting career opportunities, and join the IT field now!


Database Administrator

Well maintained database systems help organizations to function at higher levels and allows everyday business operations to run more smoothly. As a database administrator, you will be responsible to install, configure and maintain database systems, whether cloud-based or on-premise.  For example, some duties may include, backing up and recovering data, implementing security measures, planning storage needs and troubleshooting any issues related to the database. If you want to play a vital role within an organization, launch a career as a Database Administrator.

Indeed.com reports the average annual salary, within the last 36 months, for a Database Administrator in Canada is $68, 903.

App Developer

From desktop computers to mobile devices, more and more businesses are using apps to interact with their customers. App developers work with businesses to solve common business problems while keeping in mind the needs and wants of the users. As an app developer, you may be required to have both design and development skills, to take an idea and turn it into a real-life, functioning app. After creating and programming the app, an app needs to go under extensive testing to work out any bugs and troubleshoot any issues before launching the application. This is the perfect career for anyone who wants to see their ideas come to life.

Ineed.com reports the average annual salary, within the last 36 months, for an App Developer in Canada is $68,770.

Cloud Engineer

Leading among tech careers, cloud has become essential as businesses choose to migrate and store information on the cloud. IT professionals are needed to make sure data is safely secured and easily accessible. Working as a cloud engineer you will be responsible for installing and configuring virtual cloud instances, as well as supporting cloud servers and configuring security measures. Cloud engineers work to improve server response and protect data against security threats. Become an industry leader in an emerging sector by becoming a Cloud Engineer.

Indeed.com reports the average annual salary, within the last 36 months, for a Cloud Engineer in Canada is $91,627.

Security Analyst

Businesses should be wary of online threats, or malicious activity, and implement preventative measures to protect important data. With a trained security analyst, businesses can gain peace of mind knowing their data is protected. Along with implementing security measures, as a security analyst, you will want to stay up to date on the latest technologies and hacker methods, to stay ahead of cyber security attacks. You may be responsible for performing risk and security assessments and installing firewalls and other prevention measures.  If you love solving complex puzzles or issues, a Security Analyst provides the perfect opportunity to test your mind.

Indeed.com reports the average annual salary, within the last 36 months, for a Security Analyst in Canada is $70,576.

Network Analyst

As a business organization grows it will become vital for employees to work together and share information. As a network analyst, you will be responsible for planning, implementing and configuring a network which allows all the computers within the system to work with each other. Identifying and troubleshooting both hardware and software issues are necessary to ensure the network is running at its highest efficiency. While working as a network analyst you may be required to plan and implement security measures to protect an organization’s data. As more business elements will need to be connected in an efficient way, the demand for trained network analysts will increase.

Indeed.com reports the average annual salary, within the last 36 months, for a network analyst in Canada is $65, 845.

The IT industry is continuously growing, with little sign of slowing down. If you want to get started in above mentioned tech careers, now is the perfect time to enroll in a professional training programs. BizTech College offers several IT diplomas, related to five of the most in-demand IT careers, to give you the skills you need to succeed.

With BizTech College, you can earn your diploma and gain job-ready skills in less than 60 weeks.

Get in touch with an admissions counselor to learn more today.

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