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Gaining hands-on, real world experience is not only helpful to you as a student, as you master course material, but is extremely valuable to employers as well. At BizTech College you have the opportunity to graduate with a resume that’s already packed full of work experience.

Many of our programs include work or clinical placements, where you have the opportunity to work alongside highly qualified professionals who can help you prefect your skill-set, answer your questions and build your professional network before setting foot in the workforce.

Clinical Placements 

All of BizTech College’s health science programs include a guaranteed clinical placement. You will apply your theoretical knowledge and practice medical techniques and procedures in a clinical setting.

Work Placements

Placement is not required for BizTech College Business and Accounting and Information Technology students, but can be arranged for those students who wish to gain real-world experience.

Career Services
Preparing your for a life-time of success

Career Management
Graduating from BizTech College, you will have more than just a diploma or certificate, you will be getting a career!
Our student advisors will work with you one-on-one to determine your long-term career goals, collaboratively creating a clear path to your chosen career.

Determining your education path, assisting with the creation of a cover letter and resume, connecting you with potential employers and much more, our career services are life-long, guaranteed, for all BizTech College students, past and present.  

With BizTech College you always have the support you need to work towards becoming the best you, and surpassing your career goals.

Career Workshops 
As BizTech College invites you to transform your future, we also invite you to our regularly hosted career information sessions and professional-led talks!
Come out and experience the BizTech Community, while getting personalized career advice from industry experts and our student advisors can help you find the right program to launch your career.

Visit our events page to see our upcoming events, open to the public and students.

Job Search Assistance
Prior to, or shortly after, graduation our student advisors are more than happy to assist you in your job search; looking for job  postings that match your ideal career, sending them to you for approval, pursuing your choices and even setting up an interview on your behalf.

Resume Assistance
Make your resume shine, with the help of our student advisors!
As an employer’s first impression of you, your resume should stand out! Our student advisors know what employers are looking for and how to ensure your resume reflects that. Working with you to construct a resume that reflects both your qualifications and personal persona, our student advisors can help you create a resume to land you the jobs you really want, while creating a cover letter that matches.

Practice Interviews
By conducting mock interviews, our student advisors can ensure you are better prepared to meet with potential employers, and make meaningful connections.

Our student advisors will work with you to practice proper interview etiquette and determine discussion points that will allow you to showcase your professional persona while also showing employers who you really are, and why you are the right candidate for the position.

Workforce Preparation
While gaining a well-rounded, career focused skill-set, will guide you to develop your professional persona.

Being able to conduct yourself as a professional is every bit as important as the abilities required to perform a job. At BizTech College, you are prepared with the soft and hard skills needed to succeed in a changing, challenging and competitive job market.

Having a strong focus on workplace ethics and responsibilities all BizTech College curriculums, help to ensure you enter the job market instilled with firm professional values and principles.

You will be able to impress any employer, because BizTech College trains you with the skills employers want, not just what they need.
As a BizTech College student you are guaranteed life-long career support, no matter where you are in your career path! Our goal is to see you succeed in you chosen career, and we provide all the help you need when it comes to making your job-ready!

Intentional Students
BizTech College welcomes international students to take advantage of the plentiful academic benefits gained from studying in Canada!

Discover what awaits you, when you move to Canada! We want to make sure you are equipped with all the information you need to make your transition into Canada as smooth as possible, especially in regards to applying for a Study Permit, apply for BizTech College programs, getting a job and much more!

Visit our International Students page here.