ECG Certificate Training Program

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3 Weeks

25 Hours

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Boost your Career with an ECG Skill-set

Whether you’re looking to start your healthcare career, or increase your employability, start at BizTech College. ECG certificate can help you reach your career goals! As an ECG and Phlebotomy Technician you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of healthcare settings, in addition to  becoming an in-demand employee.

  • Prepare yourself to perform and read electrocardiograms.
  • Equip yourself with an in-demand skill set.
  • Learn to recognize regular, as well as, irregular heart rhythms.

Your Career

ECG certification in Mississauga

As an ECG technician you will become responsible for preforming electrocardiograms (ECG) on patients in order to assist physicians and specialist in the diagnosis of heart disease.

Duties and Responsibilities

As an ECG Technician you may perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Preform electrocardiograms using ECG machines
  • Preform Holter Monitoring tests
  • Practice person protective care

BizTech College’s accredited ECG technician program prepares you with the knowledge and skills to confidently perform echocardiograms (ECG) and practice techniques on ECG machines and Holter monitors. Additionally, You will also learn how to check and record patient vital signs (temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure).

Learning Outcomes

BizTech College’s ECG training helps you to gain a comprehensive, working knowledge in the following areas:

  • Basic medical terminology in addition to anatomy and the human body
  • Use of ECG machines and Holter monitors
  • Identification of arteries and patient abnormality
  • Measure vital signs
  • Record height and weight

Who Should Attend

An ECG certificate makes a great addition to any healthcare resume. For this reason, healthcare professionals in one of the following areas may like to attend:

  • Medical Technician and Technologist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Practical Nurse
  • Personal Support Worker
  • Paramedic or EMT
  • Sonographer
  • General and Nurse Practitioners
  • Orderlies
  • Anesthesiologist

Individuals with a Ontario high school diploma, or equivalent, are also welcome to attend.

Registering for BizTech College’s ECG certificate course, you therefore  consent to the following:

  • Refunds are available up to three (3) working days before the planned start;
  • Refund requests must be received via email, at:,
  • Refund requests processed in seven (7) working days
  • Course training is successive, registrants must be able to commit to all scheduled dates through to course completion
  • NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE: If forced to withdraw, applicants may re-start their training within six (6) months

Your ECG certificate will not only increase your employability as you become a more versatile employee, but also assist you in qualifying for one of the 23,200 new medical technician jobs opening up across Canada through 2024.

Your BizTech College ECG Certificate training will subsequently help you qualify for employment in one or more the following healthcare facilities:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Walk-in Clinics
  • Long Term Care Facilities, such as nursing homes
  • Addiction Centres