A promising Start in Healthcare in Ontario!

With the Ontario Government investing more in quality and value-based care for its senior citizens, the demand for personal support workers is rapidly increasing.   

Upon successful completion of BizTech College’s Personal Support Worker course, you will have gained the knowledge and skills required to confidently assist clients and patients with tasks of daily living.   

As a Personal Support worker, you will be working in a wide range of environments. BizTech College’s PSW program prepares you with an adequate combination of classroom, lab and clinical work experience, will help you thrive in the profession.


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Quality education and intensive hands-on training put our students on the right track to build a rewarding career as a Personal Support Worker.

Clinical Placements

First Aid & CPR Certifications

Learning with Industry Professionals

Our Personal Support Worker training will help you gain in-depth knowledge and competitive skill-set in the following areas: 

  • Interpersonal skills, clear communication and effective relationship management 
  • Promotion of client independence, mobility and safety 
  • Administration of medications 
  • Ability to multi-task, organize as well as prioritize tasks 
  • Identification of the effects of ageing, disabilities, disease and special needs. 
  • Responding to cognitive impairments and conditions 
  • Recognize signs of abuse 
  • Provide professional assistance to families and the role of respite 
  • Provide end of life/hospice supports 
  • Assisting someone with personal hygiene 
  • First Aid and CPR 

Our personal support worker course focuses on job-readiness and opens up path to work as certified professional in the following places: 

  • Hospitals 
  • Nursing Homes 
  • Long Term Care Facilities 
  • Extended Care Management
  • Support Houses for Young Adults 
  • Private Residences 

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