What Can a Career as a Personal Support Worker Do for Me?

Devoting your day to helping others with their daily tasks and providing assistance in whatever capacity they need can seem like a daunting career choice. You may be worried about finding time for yourself or running the risk of burnout. But if you have a passion for others, a career as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) can give you more than you think!

Working as a personal support worker, you  will have the opportunity to get just as much out of your career as you put into it, and here’s how:

Be your own boss: 

You don’t have to take direction from a supervisor and you can build your own schedule as a PSW! Taking on a few clients, and visiting them in their own home to help with their day to day tasks, gives you the freedom to work as much, or as little, as you want! You may even choose to work with other PSWs to grow your business and take on more clients.  You have the freedom to have a life outside of work, while still pursuing a career you love.

Being your own boss gives you the power to have your dream career, without sacrificing your personal life.

Be In-demand:

As people grow into their elderly years, they are likely to need assistance with their day to day tasks. For this reason alone, personal support workers will always be in demand. We can’t stop the population from aging, but PSWs can be there to make the aging process less strenuous!

Many hospitals and nursing homes are full and families are looking for alternate ways to take care of their loved ones. This need for in-home assistance contributes to the demand for PSWs.

It is estimated that 36,900 PSW jobs will open up through 2024. With this type of demand, you’re sure to find work and feel secure in your employment as a PSW.


From job duties to place of employment, personal support worker enjoys a wide range of variety in their career!

Hospitals, nursing homes, and even addiction centers are just some of the places you can find work as PSW. Not to mention PSWs often provide in-home care, adding to the variety of the job.

Personal support worker career also provides a variety of career paths. You could find yourself working as a nursing home worker, a long-term care facility worker or supporting people with addictions. Many PSWs find work as a restorative aid, helping people to recover from an injury or surgery, or as a palliative care worker, supporting those who are close to passing away.

A career as a PSW opens the door to a variety of work environments and job responsibilities, so you will always have the chance to try something new!

Sense of fulfillment: 

If you’re considering a career as a personal support worker, it’s likely you have a love for helping others.

Providing care and assistance to someone in need doesn’t only improve their life, but it provides you with a sense of satisfaction, knowing you’ve helped someone lead the best life they can. Working with clients who are sincerely grateful and appreciative of your work makes a world of difference in your overall job satisfaction.

You can feel proud of your job as a PSW, knowing you’ve helped someone improve their life.

Personal Support Workers devote their time to the needs of others. Although it is a demanding career, it is also very rewarding! In just 26 weeks you can have the skills you need to launch your career as a PSW, and reap the benefits of this exciting career! Speak to an admission counselor today about how to transform your future with a PSW diploma from BizTech College. Find more information here.

Personal Support Worker helping male patient on wheelchair
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