5 Useful Tips to Prepare for Paramedic Jobs

With an increasing demand in healthcare, Paramedic jobs are rapidly growing. Just like any other profession, adequate preparation is imperative.    

Towards the end of your paramedic program, you will likely have the opportunity to complete a clinical placement, before finishing your training. Apart from acquiring the essential technical and interpersonal skills, students need to make the most of clinical placement.   

So, here are some tips to help you prepare smartly for future paramedic jobs:  


Ask Questions   

You may be nearing the end of your paramedic program, but no one expects you to know everything.  A clinical placement provides a different learning experience than a classroom or lab, which may bring up new questions. Your clinical placement is another learning opportunity, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.   

Asking questions will show your supervisor you’re eager to learn, and they’re there to help you learn, but they don’t always know what you need help with unless you ask. It may seem daunting, but don’t hesitate to ask for feedback. Supervisors can provide you with pointers or tips to perform your paramedic duties more efficiently.   


Make Connections  

One of the most nerve-racking things about finishing your paramedic program might be the idea of finding employment after graduation.  While still a student, working with a recognized ambulance service provides an excellent opportunity to network with paramedics and make meaningful connections with supervisors and potential employers.   

Show interest in your colleagues and ask them about how they got started in their career, their experiences can prove to be valuable advice when it comes to your own job search.   


Make an Impression  

Equally as valuable as making connections, making a good impression is what will set you apart from the crowd. Show your supervisor you’re excited to be there and eager to learn.

A willingness to help and go the extra mile will show an employer you’re dedicated and hardworking. Never underestimate the power of a smile, paired with the right attitude.  The personal impressions you make through this type of involvement are lasting.   


Get Involved  

Be on the lookout for opportunities to get involved, and grow your skill set. Your placement is an extension of your paramedic training and is highly focused on hands-on experience. Take advantage of all the learning opportunities your placement has to offer and get involved wherever you can.   

At the beginning of your placement, let your supervisor know what you’re the most interested in and what areas of being a paramedic excite you the most. Making your supervisor aware of what you’re hoping to gain from your placement may make them more apt to pulling into those situations more frequently.   

Don’t hesitate to get involved outside of work duties as well. Maybe this means taking your lunch break with your coworkers. Getting to know your coworkers and supervisors on a more personal level build connections that may be helpful in your learning experience. Ask about what community efforts your worksite is involved in, and try to volunteer or get involved that way.  


Come Prepared  

Your first few days of clinical placement are sure to be chaotic, adjusting to the new environment, taking in all information and learning your colleagues’ names is no small feat.   

Start preparing for your day the night before. Pack your lunch and make sure your uniform is ready to go for the morning. Your days working as a paramedic will be chaotic enough, there is no reason to start the rush before you even get to work. Making sure you get enough sleep and waking up on time will help you to show up on time and will allow you the time to settle in.   



A clinical placement with a recognized ambulance service is a great way to kickstart your preparation for future paramedic jobs.  Paramedic Academy of BizTech College ensures all Primary Care Paramedic students with clinical placement, with one the GTAs recognized ambulance services.

A placement provides invaluable real-world, hands-on experience, which could translate into more job prospects for the student, upon graduation. Enrol today and start working towards future paramedic jobs!

Paramedic Jobs in Ontario
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