5 Must have Qualities beyond MLA/T Job Description

Every job entails a few responsibilities that are not listed in the description and MLA/T job description is no different! MLA/Ts work behind the scenes performing tests to assist physicians in treating patients based on the diagnosis. MLA/Ts have no direct interaction with the patients but are a vital part of the healthcare industry.

While applying for a job, many of us rely on the job description provided. However, there are few skills you learn by doing, apart from must require technical skills, soft skills are usually not listed on the job description.

What skills do employers seek beyond MLA/T job description?


  • Personality: Most MLA/Ts job description lists technical skills, but your personality traits play a vital role in job satisfaction. If you have no interest in science, working as an MLT/A won’t be an enjoyable job. So what personality traits you should have?  Willingness to help patients in a medical setting, love for science, and understanding the human body are crucial to job success and satisfaction.


  • Flexibility: MLA/Ts job description depends on the healthcare setting they will be working in. As a newbie, you need to be ready to pull off the evening, overnight and weekend shifts. If you are working in a hospital, which usually is 24/7 operations, you might be called in anytime. If flexible timing is a concern, working in a medical clinic or doctor’s office will be advisable.


  • Handling Hazardous Material: MLA/Ts primarily handle biohazardous substances such as blood, tissues and urine samples. Attention to detail is a must, it requires high-level of care and best practice to handle safety procedures in the lab to avoid contamination.


  • Stress but Job Satisfaction: People on the frontline, nurses and doctors feel the pressure, but, they depend on the diagnosis from MLA/Ts, so no doubt, job pressure will be high.  Medical lab professionals need to be calm under stress and perform tasks with accuracy. Working behind-the-scenes, you will be saving lives every day.


  • Logical Thinker & Problem-Solver: It is a technical profession and you’ll encounter challenges just like any other job. To be a successful MLA/T, one should possess problem-solving skills. An alert mind, combined with logical thinking, will be your biggest asset on the job.

Take an Informed Decision

Medical lab professionals are in huge demand across Canada. Growth and career advancement opportunities come with the job. Keep yourself updated with latest technologies and prepare for certification exams. Be ready with skills beyond MLA/T job description.

Deciding on a career and pursuing it requires an investment of time and money. Thus, it is essential to understand if your personality matches the job or if you ready to attain those skills.

MLA/T job description
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