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Medical Laboratory Technician play a vital role in the Canadian healthcare system. As a Medical Laboratory Technician, you can provide the missing piece in the diagnosis process bringing clinical answers from the medical lab. 

BizTech College offers hands-on medical training and versatile skill-set to lead a successful career as a Medical Lab Technician/Assistant.  

Our MLT program equips you with in-depth know-how of medical lab procedures, medical terminology, anatomical pathology, phlebotomy, and more. Hands-on training with qualified professionals during clinical placements will prepare you to pursue a rewarding career.

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Quality education and intensive hands-on training put our students on the right track to launching a successful career. Our students are job-ready with the soft and hard skills needed to succeed in a changing, challenging and the competitive job market.

Clinical Placements

MLPAO Certification (OSMT) Preparation

Learning with Industry Professionals

Our program will help you gain in-depth knowledge and competitive skill-set in the following areas: 

  • Medical terminology and human body organization 
  • Clinical laboratory science 
  • Phlebotomy together with haematology 
  • ECG circulatory and respiratory system 
  • Vital signs, First aid, and CPR 
  • Medical microbiology 
  • Urinary system and urinalysis 
  • Anatomical pathology and cytology 
  • Overview of the reproductive system 

One of the exciting features of earning a Medical Laboratory Technician training credential is the variety of career paths you can pursue. Because of your versatile training, you may find employment in one of the following roles: 

  • Medical Laboratory Technician/ Assistant 
  • Clinical Laboratory Technician 
  • Clinical Research Technician 
  • Cytology Technician 
  • Hematology Technician, Medical Laboratory 
  • Phlebotomist
  • Cord Blood and DNA Testing


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