Highest Paid Marketing Careers

The best marketing is the one that doesn’t feel like marketing! Can you imagine any business without marketing? Marketing careers have changed drastically in the last decade, the landscape is transforming.

If you are looking for a money-spinning marketing career. Check out these highest paying marketing careers based on the survey data collected by PayScale.



Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Marketing Courses and Careers


The executive-in-charge of developing strategy, CMO’s are responsible for the overall growth and increase in sales and brand recognition. New-age CMO’s possess skills such as Strategic Marketing, marketing management, branding, communications and business development. With technology advancement, online marketing skills offer a 10% higher salary.

According to PayScale, compensation for a CMO ranges from nearly $85,000 to about $315,000.

Career Progression: Chief Executive Officer


Top Channel Development Executive

Top Marketing Jobs

Companies value experience in the right mix of traditional marketing experience, analytics and new- age know-how. Expertise in a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures is a must. Channel development executive establishes the overall direction and strategic initiatives for the given primary function or line of business.

The average Top Channel Development Executive salary typically falls between $172,939 and $255,191. Pay can vary depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years spent in the profession.

Career Progression: Director or CEO


Vice President of Marketing

Marketing Careers of Future

Responsible for overall marketing results of a company, VP oversees strategic planning to strengthen the company’s position and achieve the desired business goals. Developing and implementing a cohesive marketing plan to increase brand awareness, The Vice President is also responsible for the overall growth of the company.

According to PayScale, compensation for a VP-Marketing range from nearly $87,000 to about $186,000 with an average of $133,273.

Career Progression: Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer, President


Global Marketing Manager

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Marketing budget’s planning on a global scale, planning and development of the company on international locations are some of the primary roles for global manager. To establish and maintain a relationship with partners is a must for a global marketing manager. They are also responsible for departmental coordination and company’s expansion.

The average salary for a Global Marketing Manager in Canada is C$91,806, and highest is $138,000 depending on qualifications and experience.

Career Progression: Marketing Director, Vice President of Marketing.


Content Marketing Director

Content Marketing

Directors of content marketing are responsible for overall content strategy and drive demand. They formulate and execute compelling content strategies to achieve the organization’s goal. With digital evolution in marketing, demand for content specialists is increasing at a rapid rate.

On average, content directors make $92,000, highest salary recorded is of $145,269.


Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Course

Responsible for overseeing product advertisement, strategize to generate higher revenues and brand the product above competitors. Product managers can also work on local, regional, national, or international levels with expertise in a particular industry.

The base annual salary for a product manager is $53,550, with an average yearly salary of $89,000.

Career Progression: Marketing Director, Senior Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Director.


Demand Generation Manager

Business Development

Demand and supply is the basic rule for any business. Such managers play a vital role to attract more customers. Knowledge of B2B marketing practices, content, and nurturing new lead sources is essential for this position.

The average annual salary is $81,000 and ranges up to $109,119, depending on the experience and overall knowledge of the business generation.

Career Progression: Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Manager


For most marketing careers, Bachelor’s degree, Diploma in Business Administration is a must. For senior positions, an executive MBA degree will add on to the resume. BizTech College offers Business Administration and Executive MBA diplomas offering foundation and advanced knowledge, respectively.

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