7 Signs a Medical Lab Tech Career is Right for You

Aug 5, 2020 | Healthcare

Medical lab tech career is an ideal option if you are detail-oriented and a multitasker. A fast-growing healthcare field offers various opportunities to advance your career. Lab techs work behind-the-scenes and have a set routine.   

Fact: The average hourly pay for a Medical Lab Tech in Canada is C$32.36. (Source 

7 Signs You are Cut Out for a Medical Lab Tech Career  


 1. You Love Science   

A strong background in biology, chemistry and physiology, will give you an edge in this career. Basic understanding of chemical compositions, tissues and cells will come in handy. You don’t have to be science genius, but curiosity and desire to learn will help you succeed in this profession.   

2. You’re Detail Oriented  

If you’re someone who is thorough and values accuracy, medical lab tech career is perfect for you. Job responsibilities include compile, categorize, calculate and help doctors with accurate reports. Missing the small details could have significant implications with the patient’s treatment. Problem-solving skills and precise communication is an additional skill for lab techs.    

3. You Love Routine  

Lab techs have to perform the same tasks daily, and the ability to stay focused is highly appreciated. A medical lab tech should understand the importance of their work and complete each task with precision.   

4. Happy to Work Behind the Scenes  

Unlike most healthcare professions, medical lab tech doesn’t interact with patients that often. You may draw blood, instruct patients to collect body fluid accurately, but beyond that, there is not much interaction.   

However, medical lab tech plays an integral role in the diagnosis process. If you like spending your time in a secluded and peaceful work environment, this may be the perfect career choice for you.    

5. Excellent Communication  

Although lab techs work behind the scenes, they still are a part of the team. Thus, excellent communication skills will add on to your resume. Many facilities allow MLTs to rotate through different departments within the lab, therefore able to work as part of a larger team will be appreciated.   

6. Eager to Enter the Workforce  

Many healthcare careers require extensive education, but you can launch a medical lab tech career in less than a year. Depending on the province, you will have to write an additional exam from accrediting authority. Make sure your diploma program covers the essential preparation for the provincial exam.   

7. You’re Seeking a Stable Career  

If you are seeking stability and security in career and life, medical lab tech could be the best career option. As the population ages, jobs for MLTs is expected to increase at faster than average rate.   

Is a medical lab tech career for you?  

Do you relate to any of the signs mentioned above? If you are planning to start a career in healthcare, lab tech career could be a promising start. There are several career advancement opportunities, read on how medical lab technician diploma can boost your career.   

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