Cardiovascular Sonography

Gain Competitive Advantage with Dual Modalities- Cardiac & Vascular

Cardiovascular sonography technologists help physicians diagnose cardiac and peripheral vascular ailments using diagnostic imaging technology.

BizTech College’s Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist (CST) is a unique program that offers learning in both echocardiography and vascular modalities. Hands-on training through Clinical Readiness program help students master examination techniques and clinical skills making them highly employable.

Program has been ardently devised by subject specialists allocating ample hours to both didactic and practical components of the study. Emphasis is laid on practical aspects component which receives approximately half of the program duration hours.

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Earn your Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist Diploma in just 89 Weeks, Enroll Today!


Quality education and apt practical exposure has led to an exemplary record in Sonography Canada examination and job placements for our graduates.

Clinical Placements

Industry Experienced Faculty

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Our graduates gain an in-depth knowledge of the subject and learn how to:

  • Perform ultrasound procedures, interpret examination findings.
  • Record accurate medical history, physical examination and examination procedures using correct medical terminology and standard abbreviations.
  • Understanding of legal and ethical requirements of the profession and comply with provincial, federal and CMRITO legislation.
  • Understand and apply proper body mechanics and ergonomic techniques to ensure self and patiently safety.
  • Employ principles of ultrasound physics and instrumentation, achieve a high quality and diagnostically useful ultrasound study.
  • Ultrasound equipment set-up, operation and maintenance along with required quality assurance.
  • Apply appropriate critical thinking techniques in understanding and solving complex, unusual and exceptional problems/situations.
  • Assist the physicians in performing highly specialized procedures such as Contrast studies, Transesophageal echocardiography and Interventional procedures.
  • Evaluate images for normal and diagnostically important abnormal findings and accordingly prepare examination report for the Physician for final report.

Upon completion of the program, you can explore a variety of career paths:

  • Echocardiography technician
  • Cardiac ultrasound technician/technologist
  • Ultrasound technician
  • Diagnostic cardiac sonographer
  • Diagnostic medical technologist
  • Vascular sonography technologist

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