7 Career Opportunities after a Diploma in Business Administration

Sep 14, 2020 | Business

A diploma in Business Administration is a pathway to a successful career in any industry.   

One of the most versatile lines of study, business administration can help you build a career in management, law, marketing, retail as well as finance. If you don’t want to spend three to four years in a university for a business degree, a diploma in business administration is a faster route to employment.   

Why a Diploma in Business Administration?  

With so many diverse career paths, why choose business administration? Well, the answer is a simple one – business administration offers a solid foundation to enter into any specialized field.   

A diploma in business administration is usually a one-year program, which helps you gain essential management skills. The course helps you to:   

  • Gain an understanding of techniques to manage marketing, finance and business strategies.   
  • Fundamentals of administrative management,   
  • Develop business communication skills and work effectively as a team player,  
  • The functioning of human resources  
  • Understanding of business cycle and how to operate effectively within it,  
  • Fundamentals of latest software used commonly in a business work environment.   

What are the admission requirements for a Diploma in Business Administration?  

The common admission prerequisites include:  

  • A secondary school diploma or   
  • Mature student status (18 years or older)  
  • Depending on the college/university, you may have to do an assessment test or a personal interview.   

Career Opportunities in Business Administration  

The most common entry-level jobs post a diploma in business administration includes:  

  1. Administrative Assistant: One of the most popular jobs for recent graduates, this position offers a versatile experience. Employed throughout the private and public sector, administrative assistants perform a variety of duties to support a managerial staff.  The average wage for administrative assistants in the Toronto area is C$22 per hour. 

  2. Customer Service Representatives (CSR): A satisfied customer is crucial for a successful business. Business administration graduates are well suited in this profile as they gain essential business communication skills during training. CSRs are widely employable in retail, insurance, financial institutions, telecommunications and other organizations throughout the private and public sector.   The average wage for customer service representative in the Toronto area is C$18 per hour.

  3. Accounting Assistant: Accounting assistants work directly with accountants. They perform clerical tasks including processing and recording transactions, preparing reports, communicate with clients, fact-checking and filing. They are employed throughout the private and public sector. With an experience of a few years under your belt, freelance work is also an option.  The average wage for an accounting assistant in the Toronto area is C$21 per hour. 

  4. Payroll Administrator:  Working in the accounts department, the payroll administrator collects, verify and process payroll information. They determine pay and benefits for employees and maintain accurate payroll records. Payroll administrators are widely employed in public and private organizations. Freelance is also an excellent option for experienced payroll admins.  The average wage for payroll administrators’ in the Toronto area is C$26 per hour. 

  5. Public Relations Coordinator: Public relation coordinators develop and implement communication and promotion strategies on behalf of the business. Anyone who has a flair of writing and have a way with words, this could be a promising career path. They are employed by advertising agencies, consulting firms, social agencies and public interest groups.      The average wage for public relation coordinators in the Toronto area is C$30 per hour. 

  6. Human Resources Assistant or Personnel Clerks: HR Assistants help managers and specialists maintain information related to staffing, recruitment, performance evaluation and labor relations. They also arrange various in-house and external training activities. Personnel clerks are employed in both the private and public sectors. The average wage for human resource assistants in Toronto area is C$ 22 per hour.  

  7. Sales Assistant: Sales associates deal in a range of technical and non-technical services. Primary duties include greeting and advising customers regarding products. Assist in merchandise display, maintain sales record and inventory. They are employed majorly by retail stores as well as wholesale businesses. The average wage for sales assistants in the Toronto area is C$14 per hour.  


A diploma in business administration offers a solid foundation to pursue further education in Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource and Project Management. With additional knowledge and experience, business administration graduates can very well lead in managerial positions.   

Does business administration interests you?  

If you answered yes to the above question, BizTech College could help you get started on this versatile career in less than a year.   

We offer two uniquely designed diploma programs – Business Administration (36 weeks) and Applied Business Administration (60 weeks). Explore which plan suits your career aspirations.   

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