8 Business Administration Skills You’ll Need to Succeed

8 Business Administration Skills You’ll Need to Succeed

Nov 9, 2020 | Business

8 Business Administration Skills You’ll Need to Succeed

Why you need business administration skills?

Business administration is a versatile field and offers a plethora of opportunities for career advancement. A skilled and organized business administrator is valuable to any organization. Is it communication skills or a knack for business software, what skills do employers really want?  

Business administrators need to multi-task and have exceptional organizational skills. Our business administration training provides peek into the fundamentals of accounting and payroll, sales and marketing, customer service and office management. We focus on interpersonal skills and job-readiness to make sure you have the in-demand skills.  

Here are 8 key business administration skills employers look for in new hire.   

You may not have all the business administration skills, but with the right education and practice, you can attain them. Highlight these skills in your resume to get ahead of the competition.   

Communication Skills  

Effective communication skills are highly valued in the workplace and will help you advance your career. Do you have a positive attitude and politeness while talking to your co-workers?  Apart from answering telephone calls and face-to-face enquiries, one must know how to answer emails, text messages or any other written communication.   

Technology Skills  

Businesses run on digital technology, larger organizations have specific applications and software. However, Microsoft Office is the baseline, and a good business administrator must know programs like Word and Excel. Database management skills will help you organize data. Working with spreadsheets to managing offline file system, you will master the art of organization.   

Knowledge of accounting software such as QuickBooks and Sage will help manage the budget as well as give you an edge during recruitment.  

Time Management  

The underdog of key business administration skills is time management. As an admin, you should allocate time value to each task. You need to know how to prioritize the tasks and schedule workday to manage projects on schedule.   

Problem Solving & Flexibility   

Problems and uncertain situations are part of the job. Thinking out of the box and providing optimum solutions are highly appreciated. For example, if a team member doesn’t turn up for work, rather than complaining about the absence, providing alternate staff member for temporary replacement will highlight your situation management skills.   

As an administrator one needs to be ready for the unexpected. You will be dealing with many variables (answering calls, responding to emails, changing schedules, booking appointments), you’ll need to flexible and adapt to the situation.

Attention to Detail  

Ability to remember the details is a key business administration skill. From managing confidential company information to remembering co-worker’s birthday, as an admin, you have to be on the top of things. You are responsible for the small but crucial tasks within the office, and your detail-oriented outlook will be valued. 

Organization Skills  

Along with time management and problem-solving, you should max up on organization skills. Practice your skill by making to-do lists and labelling them in order of priority. Good organization skills are highly appreciated by the employers and will benefit you in personal life as well.  

Customer Service  

You will be in a customer-facing business and service skills are vital for the job. You might not be meeting them personally but timely reply to emails, listening to any grievances patiently and making them feel valued is a must. 

Social Media Management 

It is all about digital, social media is vital to business. Small businesses usually prefer candidates who have basic knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

How can you acquire business administration skills?  

Apart from a diploma or associate degree in business administration, you can practice these skills on your own at home.   

  • Organize your personal tasks, manage your finances or apply your software knowledge during the program duration.   
  • Find a mentor at college or at the workplace. You will learn quickly and be able to get honest feedback on your performance.   
  • Show initiative, one of the best ways to hone your skills is to get out of the comfort zone and try new things.   
  • Continue education, get a degree or masters in business administration. Updating your academic credentials will advance your career and earning potential.   

Whether you are applying for the first job, planning to change your job or awaiting promotion, highlighting these business administration skills on your resume and on-the-job will put you ahead of the competition.   

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