Is College Education Worth in 2022?

Is College Education Worth in 2022?

Feb 7, 2022 | BizTalk

Is College Education Worth in 2022?

When considering whether or not to go to college, many people are tempted to think that they do not need higher education because they can just “figure out” how to get a job after high school.

But surely, no matter what, completing that college education is still a good suggestion, especially as of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, considering that it’s altered learning and teaching, as well as the working population.

To be sure, no matter what, it’s a hugely significant life milestone that you need to ponder carefully. There are many different opinions on the value of college in Canada in 2022, but many Canadians would support the idea of going to college if you want higher wages and better opportunities.

This BizTalk will focus on the pros of attending college in 2022 and some reasons to opt college education in near future.

5 Reasons Why College Education is Important

  1. It’s in Your Best Interest and For Your Wallet
    The expense of college education is a significant reason why a substantial number of individuals don’t go to college, and it’s a quality reason.

    But over the long run, you will make more money if you go to college. During the last StatsCan census by Statistica Canada, the all-time high figures confirmed it, as you can read in this article. Basically, earning a college diploma has all the time been a classic investment.

  2. More Number of Jobs Post Covid-19
    It’s crucial to bear in mind that even if general part-time employment may be postponed or limited, as our economy gradually begins to recover, we’re faced with a highly enticing labor market.

    The number of jobs requiring a degree or diploma is growing in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, the percentage of jobs that require workers to have either a university degree or diploma grew from 26% in 2001 to 36% in 2016. This shift has caused both anxiety and hope for young people preparing for the world of work.
    You’ll find a high number of career opportunities out there, but you’re going to also face a large number of applicants. That’s the reason why having a college diploma is essential, as it allows you to stand out from the crowd.

  3. College education means networking and making connections
    If you are looking for a degree, you have to consider the value of being able to network with people in your field. College is a great way to meet people who are interested in similar things while still being able to pursue your goals.

    It’s also easy to stay connected even when you’re on your own by maintaining your connection with alumni. College education is not only about getting a degree, it’s about making connections and having support from others in the same field.

  4. Remote Learning is easier
    In 2022, one of the most critical concerns a potential student has is whether or not their learning will be happening remotely or in person. You might even be considering holding off until things are more stable? Luckily for you, changes are coming to online education that could have long-lasting effects on how we learn.

    In Canada, remote learning is easier to do due to better internet service and access to technology. With advances in technology, more students are studying remotely with a high-speed internet connection. This is a more accessible option for those who live in more rural areas or have physical disabilities that prohibit them from going to a brick and mortar college. The best part? The cost of going online is less than the cost of going on campus, especially for those who live in urban areas.

    BizTech College adjusted to the pandemic, and we’re not the only one. Many businesses learned to operate remotely during the pandemic and may keep doing so for the foreseeable future.

  5. Colleges are more flexible now
    You might say that a four-year degree isn’t for you. To which I’d say, sure, it’s not for everyone, but there’s more than one way to become a college graduate.

    At BizTech, we have two year programs, fast-track programs that let you skip the bits you already know, one-year certificate programs for experts that want specific knowledge, and even singular courses if you want to learn one thing. And even within that, you have the option to learn full-time during the day or part-time at night. College isn’t one-size-fits-all, but at BizTech we try to find yours.

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